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I have question related to cookies. I am using ublock origin to remove all cookies necessary, but there are still pop ups and my logins will not be remembered. Can I make sure not to be tracked even tho I enable some, how do you manage these cookies yourselves?

I use Qubes OS, with 3 different qubes for running browser, of which one has full persistent storage of cookies. I like to have one browser that allows cookies, I never use it for search engines or browsing the internet, it’s only to avoid constantly having to log in to sites with 2FA etc.

You can do the same without using Qubes OS, you could like use two browser. Firefox for when you need cookies, and Mullvad/Librewolf when browsing the internet.

So let me get this straight. You use firefox for example as logging into a website and do you then jump back to the main one that doesn’t require cookies? How do you handle that exactly?

I don’t have my browser manage cookies. I find those settings to be lacking. I also didn’t realise uBlock Origin, had the ability to manage cookies. I know they can remove cookie banners, but not cookies. Are you sure you have it setup this way?

I use Cookies Autodelete. I have some cookies whitelisted (accounts I want/need to keep logged into), and have everything else get deleted when I close that tab, or change domain. It also handles other data like local storage, service workers, and so on.

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No I think you’re right, I use cookie Autodelete as well and has also change/hardening my browsers to block third party cookies and so on. I just have trouble knowing how much I should care about cookies. If I just want to be kept logged into sites I normally use without being tracked or knowing what I will be tracked for

I have more than 1 screen, I always have my “trusted” browser on the same screen.

I didn’t quite understood the last thing sorry. And sorry for a late reply. One last thing I want to ask if any of you use a cookie popup blocker which one you recommend or use?

Jumping in here as I decided to only use LibreWolf on my Windows Laptop and my Windows PortableApps Web Browser. In PortableApps (Windows) it is the best option in my opinion.
TOR browser for Windows is installed on my EDC thumb drive which if I am using my laptop I will be using my thumb drive as well as there is very little stored on the laptop. No documents, just programs. I will use the TOR browser from the USB as needed. Anything else I am going to use my phones browsers.
This laptop well it is a busted potato which I only use for windows stuff.

My main use for the LibreWolf browser will probably be downloads on the laptop. I need to spend some time going through the settings in LibreWolf. More frequently I will be using the portable apps instance of LibreWolf on various windows systems at work.

I know I am busting the fingerprinting by using Dark Theme, but I just can not handle the light theme. Privacy and security are always a concern, more so at work. The laptop, i just consider it a liability, where I can just system reset, reinstall windows, config and be back to business if there is a problem. Any suggestions for settings in LibreWolf.

Just a quick question do you know if I can use a dark theme without exposing myself as you mentioned. I use firefox not librewolf, I use a extension called dark reader is that all right to use? Do you know?

The dark theme, and extensions are blocked on “hardened” browsers. This is related to fingerprinting. I am busting this using Dark Theme and Dark Reader, as well I am enabling letterboxing on the Laptop. Just saying again this is not my primary device or my preferred browsers. Just two uses of LibreWolf.

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