Top 5 Safe VPNs for $0. (Yes, Really)

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Thanks MR Henry that’s a really amazing video i use Proton vpn and Windscribe

good for helping people differentiate between completely free unreliable vpn and completely free reliable ones like riseup and calyx. :+1:

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Great video! And congrats for getting Tutanota on board. They are just awesome, like you guys!

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rethinkdns dev here

In the same vein as veracrypt and riseup, we’ve built serverless-proxy, a WebSockets to TCP proxy that does not require ANY servers and is instantly deployed to Cloudflare’s Anycast network. There isn’t much docs on it yet, but it works beautifully, and more importantly, it costs $0.

The main usecase for serverless-proxy is anti-censorship (as opposed to anti-surveillance). It is inspired from a similar project called edgetunnel used by folks in Hong Kong and Mainland China to proxy connections to V2Ray endpoints.

(ps, apologies if it comes off as spam)


I love Signal free app and free message service’s that respect your Privacy.


Proton VPN free option is damn great