Top 3 BEST Anonymous Operating Systems

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Great video this is the kind of stuff that I enjoy the most! I’m happy to see you’re able to get a flow going with these uploads now that you have all your content more structured as far as how it’s delivered. (as in everything being pushed everywhere like twitter for example) It’s definitely paying off and I’m seeing the results every day so congrats I see it as a major success.

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Thanks so much for this comment! :heart: Tons of BTS stuff that’s been a hassle, and I was just having this convo with a friend today that it finally feels like I can just focus on the content. The last three weeks have been draining, so yes the flow is here :ocean:

I’ve been experimenting a lot more on the creative front as well which IMO is already paying off massively in the final videos. So it’s been more enjoyable for me too to get creative!


Yo, that video was lit! As someone who rocks QubesOS every single day, it’s dope to see it getting some well-deserved attention.

I can’t even wrap my head around why more peeps ain’t using it. Yeah, I get it’s got some specific hardware requirements, but let me tell you, ever since I switched over to it on both my lappy and desktop, life’s been sweet, man. The peace of mind it gives me when it comes to security is off the charts.

And you know what’s the cherry on top? I can easily spin up virtual machines or play around with new distros like a boss. No fuss, no muss. Plus, setting up different qubes with different VPNs? Piece of cake, bro. No leaks, no constant VPN config headaches.

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You’re welcome! I’m really happy for you, and I think I could speak for most people when I say that we’re all enjoying this a lot more - it’s an all-around win. Of course, some people will dislike it, but you can’t please everyone, right? lol. I’ll continue to support as much as I can. For me personally, if I see something from you (or anything tied to techlore) that comes up on any of my many feeds (I really love redundancy, personally), I either watch it immediately or put it aside to binge later. The creativity side is also a nice change of pace. Just seeing the snippets of you doing things on the fly makes it feel less serious, which is always nice. Thanks for everything you do. Keep it up, much love to all of you. :revolving_hearts:


I like the idea of it, but for me I need hardware acceleration for completing tasks on my computer, so QubesOS just wont work for me.

I’m a big fan of Tails I use it all the time, it’s especially useful for researching sensitive topics.


My main computer is my phone, it’s my primary internet access.
Tails is for now my go to for a live OS. I started working on a Whonix live OS just to see how it works out for my work flow. Got side tracked with a Pixel 3A running Ubuntu Touch.
I work on a lot of Windows systems, PortableApps running LibreWolf, LibreOffice and TOR Browser mixed with either tethering my phone or running Scrcpy has really slowed down my efforts to getting Whonix set up.
Tails is just so easy to keep up to date, easy to clone. The persistence works well. I have three work laptops all have Tails on SD cards. Its great how they sit flush in the laptops always there.


i only heard of tails but im impressed and thank you for the other two OS i never heard of definetly going to be checking them out! love the videos btw! thanks for all the tips and tricks ive learned


Hey can you make a Video about Linux Distributions because the honourable mentions doesn’t suit alot of people

He kind of touches on that with the Fedora video, but I wouldn’t be opposed to more coverage on why there is a hierarchy for preferred Linux distros from a security perspective. If you look up Linux in online resources like PrivSec or Privacy Guides, that hierarchy is front and center.


Its the Same 3 Distributions which are Fedora Arch and Opensuse Tumbleweed its no Wonder no one Recommends any Debain/Unbuntu Based Distros

PrivacyGuides has a pretty good explanation on why not to choose stable / frozen release cycle distributions. That is why only rolling release distributions are recommended as they don’t hold back package versions.

For frozen distributions such as Debian, package maintainers are expected to backport patches to fix vulnerabilities rather than bump the software to the “next version” released by the upstream developer. Some security fixes do not receive a CVE (particularly less popular software) at all and therefore do not make it into the distribution with this patching model. As a result minor security fixes are sometimes held back until the next major release.


Ok here’s the problem i already use Pop os and Zorin OS so i can’t really switch to fedora for my liking of Deb packages

I could be wrong, and I forgot where I heard this, but I think PopOS is a little more like a rolling release than Ubuntu is. I know they at least do backporting of a lot of updates so it’s not like you’re locked with certain packages just because you’re not on the latest version.

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Thanks for your help my friend