Tool to help understanding threats, scenarios and tradeoffs


I am new to this forum and to more expert P&S thinking, so I apologize if I missed something regarding forum rules, concepts, or wording.

I think it would be great if it was possible to get a quick overview of potential damaging scenarios (including actors and damage), mitigation measures, and trade-offs. This way, you could see what scenarios there are that you might not have thought about, and also decide if the trade-off is worth it, even if it’s not a threat you think is a big deal at this moment.

I think it would make sense to have an interactive page where it’s possible to choose the scenarios and or threats so that it’s clear which mitigation measures affect which scenarios and threats.

I guess I would be able to articulate this much better if I spent some more time learning about this topic and thinking more about scenarios, but I hope you can provide feedback for this idea and maybe help me expand it. I think it could be a valuable tool to help people who are not yet knowledgeable in this field to both learn about differenct threats/scenarios and maybe consider at least some counter measures.

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Honestly, I like the idea. Though, I’m not really aware on an interactive tool, like this. It’s more something you pick up as you go.

One thing you might find useful, would be Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included. They “review” various goods/services, and give them “privacy ratings.” There is also a user score section, to see what other’s think. It’s not that extensive, but is a useful resource.

Something like this?