Too Many Options

As the title said. Today email provider, browser, password manager, cloud storage. People are confusing about picking the right one.
Make sure to do some research, also take a look on what security experts said about those services.

Quoted from Mozilla:

Security and privacy are distinct topics, but they are also closely-related. It is worth knowing the difference between the two and how they relate.
Good security is very essential for good privacy.

Stay safe :fist:

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I will say that honestly the issue of FOMO is prominent in my life atm. It happens everytime I’m about to make a major purchase or major change.

When it came to choosing a Linux distro, there’s over a hundred options.

When it comes to browsers, there’s over a dozen browsers to choose from.

And even worse, there’s such various opinions on all the choices.

I just wish the privacy community wasn’t so harshly gatekeeping based on what they consider “truly private”

Embracing missing out is a great pleasure to me. I know I am a psycho. I set goals which measure how long I avoid some things in life.

To many options are blessed with options. Every browser, distro or app you can change the settings for yourself. This is a good thing when you look at it with a good attitude.

Stoicism has taught me to not worry about what you can not control. FOMO makes you irrational looking at all these things you can not control. Find peace looking in to yourself, and enjoy changing those setting. Enjoy discovering solutions. Be responsible and independent to your actions and learn how to fix your mistakes.