Tips to Get Lost

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to disappear, let me share a recent experience in on-line research–
I am not a professional investigator, but in the course of my work I often need to find obscure documents and people who aren’t interested in being found. This person I’ve been trying to track down recently was pretty crafty. Evidently he simply acknowledged that he couldn’t completely erase his online presence, so he took a true piece of his PII (from far in his past so it didn’t really matter anymore) and created a LinkedIn account with all false information and contacts. So now I think I know what he does for a living, but I can’t find this company he supposedly works for but it’s got Dixon County, Alabama (not real) in the title. I then waste a bunch of time researching the place. Nothing. So I broaden out. His name and “Dixon”. Wait a minute. Here’s a Dixon County, but it’s in Texas, and there’s his name! Can’t be a coincidence. I waste a ton of time searching in Texas. I broaden my search again and find all sorts of information on ZoomInfo about a guy with the exact same name and job title in a place called Dixon, NH. I got him now! I waste a ton of time searching New Hampshire. Nothing. This continued to 3 more layers, each connected by a tiny piece of PII that he knew anyone who was serious would bite like a bass on a lure. A year and a half later I finally tracked him down today for real.

I thought for the more extreme threat models, (abuse victims, informants, journalists, whistle-blowers) this might be some interesting information on how to buy yourself some time when you need it.

Please include other ideas on how to increase your privacy by disseminating disinformation below.

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I found a guy born in the same city, lived in the same town on the same road of a place I stayed for over 5 years. He will turn 107 years old in a couple months! The benefit of having a common name. If my PII ever was associated with the actual address of where I stayed I could push disinformation from that older version of me!

I am maintaining access to my google accounts and after I delete all I can those pesky PII will get disinformation until the data brokers are sellling what I want them to sell.

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Dragging this one up after doing a search. The anonymous options have changed since I had a linkedIn account. I found a guide which I plan to follow and edit from my experience.

Any suggestions on an anonymous account?