Tip for free ProtonVPN users

ProtonVPN on desktop does not show the server load percentage. But, it does show on mobile version. So pick the server having lowest load percentage on mobile client and connect the same on desktop!

Don’t think it matters if you have access to the plus servers.

I have a logon script that picks an EU server at random, and I rarely get a slow server, but it’s always CH when I get a slow server.

Most server will do 300-400 mbps both up and down, you can get lucky and get a server that will do 1gbps, but it’s rare even when picking the one with the lowest load.

I understand, but this is for free users only.

That’s weird. Mine shows server load on my desktop.

Yeah I’m seeing server loads as well, @slydog what OS are you using? (Unless Proton hides server load for free users, which would actually be a pretty shitty intentional design decision if that’s what they did)

Let’s be real here, most people know how to read the circle indicator, or at the very least understand what the color mean.

On MacOS they show the percentage for free users, on Windows (as @OrwellianDenigrate has said) you can just look at what the coloured indicators say (Green - Low Load, Orange - Medium Load, Red - Heavy load)