Time to Upgrade Pixel4XL battery meter failure


I had that last year on my Pixel 4 XL. Went to a local cell phone repair store, who told me this was a flaw in the phone model. They replaced the battery but advised that if it happens again, best to buy another phone. I haven’t had the problem since.

Side note: When I left the phone with them, they were entering my info into their ticket software and one question was “What’s your phone PIN?” They were legit confused when I refused to provide that. “Sure, let me give you unfettered access to my phone, and be sure to save the PIN in your database.” Unbelievable.

Yeah, i have a collection of Pixel phones that have something wrong with them. I keep saying i am going to learn how to repair them.
I ordered a Pixel 6 Pro, 512 GB model off ebay “Factory Unlocked” as I understand it, means the boot loader is unlocked. With $11 for two day delivery with taxes the refurbished phone cost about $360.