TikTok to support passkeys on iOS

TikTok appears to be only supporting passkeys on iOS for in the meantime, which opens up an interesting conversation.

Though TikTok says they’ll support other devices “over time,” what precedent does the initial iOS-only support set?

Additionally, the functionality will be initially restricted to only a few countries, as if higher security needs A/B testing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“the only way to use tiktok securely is to not use tiktok”
~ some reddit stranger a year ago

after all it’s not like passkeys are going to affect the amount of data they send advertisers and the CPC

tfw TikTok gets passkeys before Proton

China can access the data anyways so it’s a waste to use passkey on tiktok

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Passkeys aren’t meant to protect you from the service itself; privacy ≠ security. They protect against phishing and make it easier to uphold a higher level of security.

This is great for creators, brands, etc who may be more susceptible to such attacks.