Thoughts on using Fedora after the RHEL situation?

I haven’t heard much from the community about this other than it being brought up once on a Techlore Q&A a while back.

It seems to be the general consensus of the Linux community that any Linux distros connected to, directly or by fork, are no longer recommended.

For example, in a Chris Titus Tech video ranking Linux Distros in a tier list, he put Redhat and Fedora in the Devil Tier (Original Video Here:

Do we think that the RHEL situation is a big enough deal to completely cut off RedHat and any distros associated with it?

I’m supa curious.

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Until something materially negative changes in Fedora, I think it’s safe to continue to use it.

Fedora still has a lot to offer with it’s simple GNOME desktop and highly up to date software. I think I’ll stick with it for now.


That’s perfectly valid. Fedora is still my favorite distro to this day. It would be nice to have a good alternative to Fedora that provides its balance of modern software without being Arch lol

Even if the worst would come to pass I believe the Gnome DE could decouple easily from Fedora, and KDE is its own thing. But we don’t have reason to believe such a thing could happen.

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I haven’t found more reliable linux desktop then fedora silverblue, I would be very sad if these things made me move away from it.

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