Thoughts on PrivadoVPN

What is your thoughts on privadoVPN ? I saw on temporary SMS platform. Its new and free. They say, they don’t log information and also they have 12 servers. That’s why its difficult to trust. They also have paid plan. But the software is not available on linux.
Here is the website:

I’m not a fan if what they say in their FAQ:

Their answer seems quite misleading, so I don’t really trust them.

Their are many other (likely better) options, I would recommend looking at Techlore | VPN Chart for a good comparison between many VPNs

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A big concern is that they are not transparent about their ownership as they do not disclose their owners in their about page. Also, I don’t like it when providers have this “exposed” status on their webpage if you’re not connected to their servers or the use of trackers on their website. Lastly, it seems that they are not open source which at least for me is a requirement when it comes to VPN providers.

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is using a vpn not just telling another party where your data goes

Well, essentially yes. However, when it comes to your ISP, you can be sure that if they are not selling your browsing data, they are at least storing it in some form. On the other hand, most VPN providers have a so-called no-logs policy, meaning that they are not collecting your browsing data. This is however hard to verify and that’s why it is important to choose a trustworthy provider. In the end, you need to make your own decision if a VPN would benefit you, and I think IVPN has written a great piece about that.

yep that was my point don’t blindly trust a vpn provider