Thoughts on LinkedIn's Privacy Policies?

I might have to use it in the near future and wanted to know if it respects your privacy and doesn’t collect anything on you.
Let me know what you know about it and if you use it what I should know if I were to use it.

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If you have to have it, use alias email address, no phone number and use Fawkes Image Cloaking for your photo.

That’s what I did. I don’t post or follow anything and I only connect with people I met personally.

Personal opinion: It’s shitty useless service that, for the reasons beyond my comprehention, became a “standard” for connecting with people. The only interaction I’ve ever had there was - accepting invitations and refusing tons of irrelevant spam from recruiters that didn’t even read my profile. I connect with people if necessary, but always refer them to other channels (my website, mail, Signal).


Linkedin is shit for privacy. You end up (more or less) doxxing yourself. Instead, consider attaching CVs as PDFs. If you have to use linkedin, try and limit how visible your profile is. Of course, use a privacy respecting browser, an email address, and a photo that won’t get you doxxed.

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And don’t forget passive-aggressive posts and people trying to make themselves look better!

In all seriousness, you’ve summed up LinkedIn quite well and that tosdr explainer for it was just icing on the cake. It’s one of the many services that I plan to avoid at all costs, and suggest that others try to avoid it if they can.


Linkedin also finally seemed to have simplified their notification and privacy settings. When you register, take a look at the settings and disable most notifications and data use.

Also, don’t use their mobile app. Just use it in a browser (via a progressive web app (PWA)). It sometimes wants you to install its all but that is not needed.

I don’t like Linkedin (as perfectly explained by other above) but it is kind of the de facto in business connections. I also found an internship via linkedin.

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The utility of LinkedIn very much depends on the field you are in. For software development it has been pretty useful. You should just add keywords for languages you know & want to work on. Don’t put down everything you know if you don’t want to work on it to reduce the number of job spam.

For my friend in engineering manufacturing, it was worthless. I can’t speak much to other jobs. I would just try to find IRL peers for you chosen job field and ask how they got their job.

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May I please ask what is image cloacking?

It sounds interesting

Image Cloaking software like Fawkes is a tool that makes small alterations using AI on your personal images to protect the images from being recognized and matched by facial recognition software.