This summer we will be launching Anon Market, a marketplace focused on consumer privacy. What would you like to see on it?

Hello all,

My name is Mark, founder of Anon LLC. This summer we will be launching Anon Market. This marketplace will focus on consumer privacy by not collecting/retaining non-essential information and utilizing Monero as the primary payment method.

I’d like to here from the community - what products/services would you like to see on the market at launch?

If you’d like to check us out you can visit

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Smartphones might be a good first one. It’s often known to both the OEM and phone company where you buy your phone. That’s pretty unsettling.

That is definitely a good idea, thank you!

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Read this thread. I’m down to help with the market and develop some of these FOSS apps.

The current plan is for mainnet at launch, however, we will be adding features and services as fast as we can and lighting support is on the list.

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Are you talking about a mobile app or web app? Just as an FYI we are a for-profit company, though we are not a profit-above-all-else company.

Oh so Anon Market is an online store selling physical products?

We will be selling both physical products and digital products (gift cards, not really sure what else we could sell that is digital and within our realm)

Seems like a good honeypot

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What’s a honeypot

A service made by Police to catch criminals. Example:EncroChat if I’m not wrong, it’s even in techlore podcast