This might be a big privacy win for Android users once in effect

Essentially, in order for an Android app to be allowed in the play store, it will have to allow users to download or delete any data the app collected about them, and even delete the account altogether.


Thanks for letting us know Arken hope i can delete my Instagram and Snapchat accounts

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I see how this is a win, but what about apps for work or schools? Say I am an IT admin, and I don’t want a user to be able to close their company account with a 3rd party, without IT receiving an internal account termination request.

Looks like this might only apply where the end user creates the account in app. In which case, that would satisfy my concern as work accounts would be created by the IT admin in the admin dashboard, not in the app by the end user.


Any one think Google is cock blocking?

This would be win for privacy but I have to look at the opposite of everything.