This is getting frustrating residents only

Mysudo=U.S residents only

Deleteme=U.S residents only

Optery=U.S residents only

Is there any good service that is NOT restricted just to the U.S

P.S: yes i know mysudo is also available for Canada and UK but that aint helping


SimpleLogin can do email masking everywhere, and they have Phone Number and Credit Card masking coming soon, unsure of if it’s US only but only time will tell

It’s a real bummer, and we (at Techlore) could do a better job with this too. Regarding:

A) Just being more aware of international (to us) audiences and what services they can use.
B) Saying/expressing more of these issues in our reviews and recaps of these services so that services hear more criticism.

Will keep this in mind going forward, so at least the influence (if any) we can have can make a small dent.


That will be amazing sense im.already using simplelogin!

My renting was not aimed towards you. I think you are,doing tarrific job! Never the less it will be appreciated

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and they have Phone Number and Credit Card masking coming soon

Couldn’t find any source related to this, can you help me with that?

On their homepage under ‘More than (just) alias’ -

‘SimpleLogin’s ambition is to protect your online privacy and email is only the beginning. Stay tuned for upcoming features like single sign-on, phone number protection and credit card protection.’

Hope this helps :grinning: