This Game Teaches People About Privacy & Security!

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Personally, I think this game is a failure but I see some great potential for future development of privacy-related ‘games’. I totally agree with Henry’s point of that the privacy/security community should be pushing more art out there.


  • The concept is interesting
  • They had some great tips/info for beginners
  • The music was awesome


  • I don’t think anyone who can benefit from the game will use it
  • The user interface was a bit clunky
  • The info pages after each game were kind of long for what is supposed to be a game.

I don’t think this is in the scope of what the research project can do, but I would love to see a sequel or update that leans even more into the “you don’t know how much trouble you’re in” vibe. Because I knew a decent amount of what the game was trying to present to me, there was a ton to take away. However, as a tool to show all the ways in which we’re confined it was compelling.

I agree with this too. I guess I could have skipped them all, but I’m the type of player who figures I should read everything so I did. If you want to include some kind of information, maybe having just one article themed a little differently would have worked better, but I don’t mind it.

My last note is that I wish it would have pressed on the pain point more. I could imagine some folks who don’t care about privacy playing this game and still saying “so what?” Yes, you’ve shown how much companies can collect about people, but unless they feel creeped out by the concept itself, they may still think it’s worth the tradeoff or impossible to avoid. I guess you can’t make all the arguments for privacy at once, but I would still consider it a weakness.

I should have put all this in the feedback section, lol. It was a good game! I liked it. I would have played more if there were more levels. It’s got potential.

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