The ULTIMATE Guide to Mastering NextDNS!

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13:38 NextDNS does publish their native tracking protection lists on their GitHub

So if you want you could just add these lists to your PiHole or whatever DNS blocker you use if you don’t want to use NextDNS. :smiley:

Unfortunately the Samsung one only blocks Samsung domains, hopefully they will come out with an Android blocklist eventually.


There is also a nice extension for Chrome/Firefox to enhance the UI of NextDNS and add some nice tweaks.


Ah thank you @jordan and @unruly_prototype153 for sending these along! Wasn’t aware :v:

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Great timing, just as I started playing with NextDNS. Thank you @Henry :+1:


Hey, another great video. I am using NextDNS for over a year now. Works good. The only problem I have with this is that on android Cricbuzz app doesn’t load ANYTHING when I am connected with nextDNS. I tried looking at logs but there was no cricbuzz url or anything.

If anyone knows about this let me know, would be a great help as I regularly check cricket scores.


You might want to look at domains not belonging to that service. You could be blocking a CDN, ping or something. Check what you’re blocking the moment after you try to load the app.

Can you still access the website? I I’m with NextDNS, and can access the website with no issues.

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I can access the website with nextDNS on but can’t use the app

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Thanks for doing this @Henry!

If I use Proton VPN can I use NextDNS as well, like Proton VPN with NextDNS at the same time? I assume no based on your previous videos on this.

I will be switching to Mullvad once my 1 year subscription is up so maybe I just have to wait.

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Depends on the operating system. They support IPV4 if this works for your use-case on some operating systems, though it’s much less than ideal. The previous videos actually touched on this directly (timestamped):

Screengrab from the video:

With that said, there may be some workarounds. For example, the original video I made covers the workaround I was using to use both ProtonVPN and NextDNS at the same time on iOS.

Aside from all of this, each OS may have its own unique workarounds to make proton and NextDNS work at the same time. Another option is to use custom configuration files where you customize the DNS.

I found all of this to be shortsighted on Proton’s end, and even IPV4 support is just outright missing on MacOS and iOS (weird!) so I decided to dish out cash for IVPN even though I am a paying Proton customer that gets ProtonVPN for ‘free’ as part of the sub🤷 With IVPN you’ll get out-of-the-box compatibility with NextDNS via DoH. Similar story with Mullvad though it’ll utilize IPV6


Are your logs live-refreshing when you try to load the app? If NextDNS is responsible then it will show you what’s being blocked.

The other (unlikely) option is the app checks the DNS provider and you’re actually being blocked by the service itself from using services like NextDNS. Though I’ve never seen that before myself so I find it unlikely.

You could test this by creating a new NextDNS profile and disabling all filters in every tab and seeing if your app works in that profile. Then you can slowly re-enable things and see what breaks it :person_shrugging: though again your logs should be providing this

Thanks! Thought so. I will watch those videos again.

Will have to get Mullvad or IVPN as soon as I can afford it. Kicking myself for deciding on Proton over them!

I really want to use NextDNS, will it work with iCloud Private Relay?

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Not familiar with this on my end, so someone else can hopefully share their experience with this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok. I guess I can try it and see if it works.

With NexDNS and a VPN like Mullvad or IVPN is something like LuLu still necessary/useful? For a low thread model person that wants to block as much Apple telemetry as possible.

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I use both yes. (LuLu + NextDNS)

They fulfill slightly different uses and offer more granular controls for different situations. With LuLu, you can block individual processes or just outright block internet for an entire program/application. You’d otherwise need to manually pick out all domains contacted by a program in NextDNS. This is also somewhat of a limited solution as a program could have stealth/sneaky domains being contacted to look like other traffic and NextDNS will not be able to tell you which program it’s coming from.

LuLu is also great as it will notify you of new domains contacted by a program, so if a program gets a new update you’ll be able to see exactly what new domains are being contacted by a program.

For these reasons I use both :slight_smile: If I had to pick one I’d pick NextDNS myself, but I find an OS firewall combined with a DNS firewall to give me a lot more control over things. Plus on the simplest side of the argument I just enjoy the ability to quickly outright block internet access from specific apps/programs.


Makes sense. Thanks man!

Do you have a Lulu video? Any plans for one?

How would I check if NextDNS wasn’t working with iCloud Private Relay? Using a DNS leak checker like Mullvad’s? I assume it would tell me if the active DNS was NextDNS or not.

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It doesn’t seem to work with iCloud private relay for me :confused:

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because youtube is blocking my comments again i use the HaGeZi - Multi PRO++ blocklist + ublock origin but only the blocklist strating with ublock

Within 10 minutes of first using NextDNS, I hit the stumbling block of no temp-bypass or proceed-once button on the block page (like uBlock Origin has). Grrr! What a hassle to have to bounce back & forth to the Allowlist to temporarily get in!.. Does NX Enhanced offer that, or any other third-party add-on?.. I keep hearing that new features from NextDNS are dead.

According to yokoffing (author of the NextDNS Guide on GH) it should work with certain things disabled.

you have to disable the Block Page.

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