The Struggle of Moderating the Internet! - Techlore Talks #4

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What are your thoughts on 4chan and things like it? The moderation is lax there do you think this harms the platform or just makes it a net neutral instead of good?

Good chat. I reflected on Henry’s idea of a real identity in the online world. The pros are obviously a toning down of aggressive rhetoric. The downside however is fear: fear of speaking your mind about a particular topic. I the real world, I can voice my mind, lose my shit for 10 seconds - as we all do at some point in our lives - then get on with my life, with no consequences whatsoever.

This is not so in the online world. The online world does not ever forget. The online world is fully monitored, and my right to be forgotten for losing my shit once in a while is nonexistent. That is why, ultimately, a form of anonymity is required online. Unless of course our real aim is to build a fully-monitored and controlled citizenry like in China.


By far the vidoes I most look forward to - great episode!


Saidly. This the plan

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I felt like posting a follow-up to this chat on our blog, check it out:


Yeah I was pretty shocked to see you promoting a Real-ID for Internet users haha. I’m glad you followed up.

The reality is we already have a microcosm of that - with Facebook. People are just as toxic and harassing there as anywhere else, the only difference is corrupt police departments get to join in the fun :upside_down_face:

I’d much rather deal with mean Internet words than what the Chinese and Europeans are going through. Even people in my personal life have to deal with doxing, stalkers, or harassment from police. Anonymity online is so much more important than people give it credit.

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What are the Europeans going through specifically?

Me trying to not join yet another forum:


But I will link to it, lol

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