The removal of GrapheneOS from Techlore's recommended OS

I know, GrapheneOS devs and some member of their community have been hostile to Henry and Techlore in general. I do not consent this kind of behavor BUT GrapheneOS is an awesome tool for privacy for the masses.

The installation is damn simple thanks to their web installer. The support of sandboxed Google Services is an awesome feature. Sure it is not open source, but it’s not a privilege app and every permissions can be revoked (contacts, calls history, internet, etc…). This offer 99% (if not 100%) app compatibility compared to Stock with similar privacy benefits that microG offers.

After the drama GrapheneOS have stayed on Techlore’s website for month (correct me if I’m wrong) which was a good thing in my opnion. I’ve been a CalyxOS user since the begging of the project and a big fan of their works. Since GOS released Sandoxed Google Services I have been interested in switching from CalyxOS partially due to OnePlus situation and Fairphone 4 support could be abandonned which I hope not !

What are your thoughts on this ? Should Techlore mention GrapheneOS despite the attacks ? Is it good that this tool is not mentionned on the website ?
If @Henry come across this and give me some context and explanation on this that would be nice too.


I don’t think GrapheneOS should be on the Techlore website. The creator was very hostile to Henry and Techlore. The whole community seems a bit toxic to me. Also, I would stop requesting input from, Henry, reguarding this issue. He has already metioned this multiple times in previous posts. He even did a video. Stop stiring the pot.


The recommendation was up a few weeks ago, month after the video, thats’ what bugged me

We’ve been legally threatened by this project on several occasions. No, they won’t be listed. Any mention of them leads to issues. We recommend external resources on the bottom of our website so people can get information from several resources - not just ourselves.


certified bruh moment

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Wow that’s a bigger deal that what I was thinking ^^’

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The removal of GrapheneOS doesnt mean that GrapheneOS is bad, their community is bad. I’ve been active on their matrix chat for a while, and holy shit the toxic smartasses there are annoying as fuck. They will burn you for simply asking the most basic questions, but that doesnt mean I wont use GrapheneOS. The project itself is great.


I dont thinj bad cummunity is a reason to write off a good product . But the legal threats are a whole different story

One consideration here regarding communities for software (especially for software you are daily-driving on a device needing 24/7 reliability) is the support you’ll receive. IMO it’s not a reason alone to delist any particular service, but it puts us in a shitty situation when people who try and use the ROM and experience issues go to their community and are unable to get help because:

A) They came from our community
B) They did insert XYZ wrong

I just think this is something worth considering for people who may need help/support if anything goes wrong. Not that I think that’s the general demographic on this forum, but when it comes to our target audience I do think it’s something to just remind people about.

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Good point.its a shame,really i was planning in.migrating to GOS when i ger the money for a proper phone

I do not think the web installer was as easy for me as it was for you. It was timing out on one of its functions, can’t remember which. I asked about it on their telegram and they basically told me to get a new USB-C cable and that I wasn’t supported without one. Doubled the timeout variable and it worked anyway. I don’t think most end users are going to have the experience or patience necessary to do that. As has been stated, you will not get good support with GrapheneOS. For an exeperienced user, that might be OK. For people who need a mobile OS recommendation, that’s hazardous.

I didn’t encounter these issues and I never experienced toxicity from anyone in the GrapheneOS community. Maybe I got lucky and my day will come

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its basically a minefield. you dare say something they consider ‘misinformation’ or ‘harassment’ and theyll lose their minds
i use graphene and its good. but their community should be avoided its just not worth subjecting to potentially experiencing their toxicity

Tech should or should not be recommended based upon the merits/demerits of the technology alone relative to our shared goals of privacy and security. No tech should be removed because the founders/creators or proponents lack as good interpersonal skills as you or I would prefer. Even if they are abrasive or nasty. To do otherwise would imho be a disservice to the community and our shared goals.

GrapheneOS is in my own estimation king of the heap in the de-googling phones space. It would be very odd to not list it because of some interpersonal unpleasantness.


I am very curious how in the world they can believably legally challenge Techlore.

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They maybe threatened to sue for defamation or something similar.

And there’s also the general headache of being sued regardless of whether the reason for the suit is valid. According to LegalEagle, you can sue anyone for anything. Just putting someone through the legal process can be a punishment on its own between getting a lawyer, paying for the lawyer, attending all the meetings, and doing that for as long as the plaintiff can last or wants to go (which could be years). It sounds absolutely miserable.

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We’ve been legally threatened by this project on several occasions.

What was the nature of these threats you’ve got from them? Have you posted them somewhere? People say there’s drama but I haven’t been following that stuff.

One consideration here regarding communities for software (especially for software you are daily-driving on a device needing 24/7 reliability) is the support you’ll receive.

This is definitely true, even within FOSS you don’t want some jerk loading malware onto your phone, and that is likely a bigger risk with smaller operations, but just from watching their GOS matrix chat they seem professional when dealing with users.

GrapheneOS is not an FSF certified OS because it has propietary blobs in it’s so called secure kernel. It only runs on Backdoored phones (Pixel, which is made by Google) It has toxic members which actively threaten the privacy community on a daily basis.

Use Replicant which is very secure and free from proprietary garbage. It is also FOSS meaning NSA can’t spy on you even if they wanted.

Now I’m overwhelmed whether I should switch from GrapheneOS :joy:

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