The police wanted to keep mass location tracking app secret

Title says it all…

Imo this is not really big news, because the government has kept these kinds of secrets before, but that does not make it acceptable.

Most things that come out aren’t ‘big news’ to us, but they’re still important to share with friends/family/the world. These are real, undeniable stories to share with people who this is big news for. So it’s still much appreciated to share these stories, they show people that privacy concerns are very real.


The Associated Press also came out with their own version of the story. Same details, slightly different perspective. Maybe you want to share the story from this source if it will be considered more trustworthy due to name recognition.

100% agreed with Henry. When we talk about how “the government is tracking you” in conspiratorial vibes, it’s easy for regular folks to dismiss us. I told a friend about this article that talks about a specific and real piece of software that is currently being use, and their response was “and that’s legal?”

Average folks just don’t know how crazy our situation is. They shouldn’t have to be worried about this, but here we are. Stories like this make the problem harder to ignore.

To be honest, it makes me feel better too. I’m not some conspiracy nut for expecting better privacy. It is wild how much access random and influential people can get on most other people.

Sidenote: All of the tracking that Fog Reveal does is through the advertising ID our phones have. iOS has that off by default but Android phones have it on by default (bruh). I was happy to see that I was already in the clear through this situation because I turned off my advertising ID a couple of months ago. I’ll take that W.

If you want to check the state of your advertising ID on your phone, and would like to turn it off, check out the brief instructions on Privacy Guides.

I suppose it’s true. Thanks for helping me understand.

Thanks for the replying and elaborating a bit more on the subject. I suppose it’s the way things are.