The MOST PRIVATE Music Streaming Options in 2022

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Switching from Spotify to Cider

So, I tried making the whole big jump from Spotify to Apple Music (mainly Cider), but ran into minor issues along the way. Maybe my experiences can help someone else who also wants to make the switch:
If you are using Apple Music on iOS/iPadOS
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Be aware that Apple will limit you to stay logged in with only one apple ID on your iOS device. If you decide to use two different IDs - one for music and one for the app store (like I did) you will have to log out/log in every time you switch.

Sidenote for MacOS

On MacOS there’s the same issue with Apple Music being tied to your system but you can use Cider as a workaround. It’s independent software so there is no issue when trying to log in with a different Apple ID.

Cider App Customization
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• The Cider Desktop App is amazing, I use it on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It’s highly customizable which I enjoy a lot. Changed the look of the UI to something less distracting and more minimalistic.

Here's my Setup

:gear: General

  • Set ‘Private Session’ to ON
  • ‘Customized Sidebar items’ to only show Songs, Albums and Podcasts
  • Set ‘Open Tab on Launch’ to Albums (less distracting)

:paintbrush: Styles

  • Activated all available options

:eye: Visuals

  • Set Window Style to ‘Mojave’
  • Purple Playback Bar for Podcasts ON
  • On Windows: Set Window Control Style to ‘Left’

:studio_microphone: Lyrics

  • ‘Enable Karoke Mode’ ON
    (for singing sessions)

:disguised_face: Advanced

  • ‘Local Files’ ON
  • ‘Local files path’: Specifies a path to your offline music
    (it will be added to your local library after restarting)

• The installation on MacOS was a bit odd because the cider-website did not link to the Mac App package directly. Their discord did however. Here’s the download link for MacOS.

How to Fix: "Developer can't be verified" error when opening the app on MacOS for the first time
  1. Open Finder
  2. Find Cider in your Applications folder
  3. Hold Control and Click⤵︎ on the Cider app
  4. Select “Open” (a popup should appear now)
  5. Click on “Open” again
The App starts now. Hurray!

Android Experience
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• At the moment I’ll stick with Apple Music on Android. The Cider Remote app is there too but it seems to be still in early development. If someone knows more about it, let me know.
Spotify vs Apple Music vs Cider
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

My opinions on them

Spotify - Has a good User experience and is amazing at recommending new songs based on what you listen to. But this comes with a heavy cost of privacy.

Apple Music has undeniably the best audio quality. However the Interface is convoluted and is tied to the ecosystem (on apple devices). The Search function is also… not good, especially when you search for smaller artists/songs.

Cider - The best all-rounder in my opinion. It has customization, a lot of features and is a better app for your privacy. Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio are not yet supported but same can be said for Spotify. Here’s their github repo if you want to support them :star2:.

⋙ Hope this breakdown was helpful ^^


Very cool! I’ve been testing Cider myself and it’s truly great to use. Very nice place to be IMO with music streaming. A FOSS experience with minimal privacy issues and access to nearly all music conveniently. Thanks for the breakdown!

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FWIW, you can have two different Apple IDs on iOS, as long as it’s: one for iCloud, and one for Media and Purchases (i.e. Music and App Store).

But yes, in your case you can’t have one for Music and a different one for the App Store. I am struggling to imagine what the benefit of separate App Store and Apple Music accounts would be though, since both accounts would require personal payment information :eyes:

Well I don’t really use personal information on my accounts for payment, I just buy gift cards.
My overall idea was to compartmentalize here.
I like to keep my music seperate from everything else because it’s very personal to me. And I liked the idea of buying gift cards just for the music. Might not matter that much privacy wise, but just a personal preference.

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Fair enough! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I just discovered which seems the best option for Android: ViMusic. This app stream directly from YouTube Music, and you can also search in YouTube’s videos.

Give it a try, it’s wonderful!