The Fifth Best Messenger (According to Techlore) Is

In the Techlore Top 5 Messengers video, #5 was a community-provided one, which turned out to be Telegram(?). Considering the tone of the #5 option, it made me wonder what Techlore would consider to be the 5th best messenger (behind Matrix, Session, Signal, and Briar).

If I had to guess, it would be XMPP or Wire. Or Threema or Wickr?

I would think Threema.
There’s a quote that goes something like, “A man can be judged by the quality of his enemies.”
Althought it’s tapered off quite a bit, I remember reading a lot of articles quoting intelligence and law enforcement agencies saying that only terrorists use Threema. That tells me it must be a pretty well-designed messenger.


If I’m not mistaken though, Telegram is more secure than default text as they use AES encryption even on default messages. While law enforcement can still obtain your messages if they wanted them, they would need to particularly target you. (Unless Telegram is sending them bulk data)

In my mind, it is the perfect messenger for the average person. Besides, you can always use Signal and Matrix for your more sensitive communications.

AFAIK the Swiss military uses Threema too

Really? I hadn’t heard that. That’s interesting.

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Probably because Threema is a Swiss company

Telegram has repeatedly been hacked I believe. That would make me hesitant to use it.
Governor of Puerto Rico, and Bolsinaro in Brazil are just 2 of the high-profile hacks that have happened recently. It just keeps happening.

Thanks for turning me on to this.
Found some enjoyable reading.

The other two options in the show-cased Twitter poll of that video are what we would have opted for :stuck_out_tongue: (Threema)

Really funny you ask this question, as I just watched that video for the first time in months last night.

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That’s a pretty odd statement to make. Similar allegations about terrorists using it has been thrown at Signal, Telegram, and even WhatsApp.

Aside that it appears that Felons will use anything, E2EE/PFS-Supported or not, but the fundamental issue with things like axing E2EE and scanning everything is they require a crime to happen. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent crimes, or at least find ways that reduce them that works?

Like, instead of wasting money on facial recognition, design cities and neighborhoods to support natural surveillance, the phenomenon where it becomes harder to commit a crime because so many people are here, hence the natural surveillance.

I often see Wire mentioned. Even Michael Bazzell uses Wire.

I think the absence of Wire on Techlore has to do with Wire’s very strong tilt towards businesses first, unlike services like Signal.

just read the last sentence he wrote

XMPP should be number 1 imo.

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