The EU chat controllq law will turn EU into china

Imgine a law that wil force e every xommunication software/provider to scan and everyrhing you, say online. From emails. To chats to clouds storages. If it passes bye bye privacy. bye bye democracy.

If you live you may want to push aginst this’ call your MEP. Tell your friends. And family about this. Becuse the media absolutly silence abut it and its downright disturbing


@Anon I’d like to add to your post with the following:

they also want to make open source operating systems illegal.

Illegal is a strong word, the CRA aims to be a proposal for European law “that aims to drive the safety and integrity of software of all kinds by extending the CE self attestation mark to the software”. Open source software won’t be illegal, but the devs will have to go through the hassle which might hurt Open source.

Links: What is the Cyber Resilience Act and why it’s dangerous for Open Source - Voices of Open Source

I should add the UK is trying to do similar stuff. The Open Rights Group has been covering it for some time.

I’ve never went to any protest, but the day i can’t protect my privacy and my freedom because of evil laws spreading in so called democratic countrys i will be the first to rage.

This “chatcontroll law” is nothing but straight up pure BS, whoever want’s this law to become reality deserves to, well i can’t say what they desereve on this forum.
You have no idea what we would do with these rats if we wouldn’t have to fear the consequences )

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Well, time to set up an overseas XMPP server only accessible trough I2P with mandatory OMEMO…

I won’t even comment on the dystopian level of utterly f*cked up this is.