The best privacy friendly way to watch anime

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can vouch for ani-cli being amazing, plus lets you download episodes

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It is really questionable that people recommend piracy and piracy is also marked as the solution

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A friend of mine happens to have his own jellyfin server. And it’s full of anime (and I can request stuff) so I just watch it using TOR without much problems.

P.S: It’s selfhosted on his house, a selfhosted VPN would be the best option but I’m not going to ask him for more.

It’s really great but it’s doesn’t work for me

I’m well aware of the fact that this is not something everyone can do. You need to have a cool friend acting as a proxy.

I would recommend you torrenting your animes and watching them via MPV (or your favourite video player). You can use syncthing to sync your library among multiple devices in the same network.

It requires a bit more of efford but I think that it’s worth it.

i mean hey when streaming services stop being so awful i would happily pay. its about ethics for me, not price. its why i like getting games from gog because they offer install files drm-free, no internet needed.
for some people price is an issue and i dont think its fair to judge, not everyone has the money. some people live in less-fortunate situations and we shouldnt just gatekeep them and try and deny them from being able to enjoy some entertainment. plus piracy helps preserve rare media and texts.


Also, are you considering piracy as an option?
(Just to know the scope in which we’re working.)

first of all you prob wouldn’t pay for it, I’ve been around for some time in the anime community and it went from:
no one streams the anime that I want to watch > the legal streaming services are too expensive, I wont pay 5$ a month to watch anime > the streaming services are not innovating > I need too many streaming services/the service they offer is too bad

what ethics? not paying the people that made your entertainment? are those the same ethics that stop you from donating to the FOSS software you use every day? yes i dont know you and i dont know if you donate but in reality almost no one does.

yes GoG is nice but they also offer games with DRM since last month because it is “offer DRM for games or die” for them

about the money … crunchyroll is free to use, yes you will see ads, yes you wont see the new show the same day it aired

we are not talking about preserving here, people wanna watch something and not pay or watch ads for it and i mean at least i dont know if sites like the mentioned gogoanime are even better from a privacy point then crunchyroll, who knows what they collect, who knows what they are doing with your data and last of all who knows what js bs they have running on their site.

and last of all, it is against the ToS, yes it is not as clear as on the discord server but i stand behind that it is of the utmost importance that the security and privacy community as a whole does not mix with the piracy community because it destroys the legitimate reasons to care about your privacy as it already is the case otherwise you wouldn’t hear things “what are you trying to hide? are you doing something illegal?”.
Idc what you actually do and how you get access to your entertainment but i do care about the privacy community and no questions asked Techlore is one of the biggest so we should lead with an example and not tolerate piracy on the official channels as it just reflects bad on us.

Can we find a good privacy friendly solution for anime because I don’t mind paying with xmr or cash just which service do I use thats not really bad for myself and my friends

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You mentioned Revolut to be used for their virtual card service.

I am wondering if Revolut is a good alternative to ← this is my topic to this topic

Do you know anything further about this topic?

I am sure this site is both legal and privacy-respecting. Incredible accepted solution, thank you Techlore Forum.

The solution works for the person who asked the question ie. @Mohamad20ZX so he/she/they accepted it. If the solution doesn’t work for you then choose the other alternatives posted in the thread. If that doesn’t work either, look somewhere else.

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