The best privacy friendly way to watch anime

hi can you friends help finding the best privacy friendly way to watch anime without tracking what websites & apps do you recommend for me

I think you would just use Brave browser or uBlock Origin extension with any chromium based browser, and you would be fine.

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No I meant best way to watch anime privately like a website or an app

The best way to watch, is to legally watch it (Crunchyroll/Funimation, HiDive, etc). The only other way is piracy, and I don’t think this is that kind of forum.

But how can I make my anime accounts privately without tracking and spyware and Gmail

  1. You sign up with a different email, that’s not Gmail.
  2. In uBlock, block Google Services, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but allow Google[dot]com, and Gstatic[dot]com.
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But i think it still exposes your ip to streaming sites

What privacy emails do you recommend

I would recommend Proton Mail or Tutanota (both have good free plans), I would also pair either of them up with SimpleLogin (free)

All of the above options are well respected and recommended within the privacy community.

As @Why8337 mentioned, Proton Mail, and Tutanota are solid options, that are well known and respected in the privacy community. Mailbox[dot]org is another good option. While not entirely needed, an aliasing service like SimpleLogin or Anonaddy are also very good services worth looking into. If you don’t mind paying for, and supporting good privacy companies, Proton Mail comes with a Premium membership of SimpleLogin. This makes it the preferred option for many in the privacy community.

so which anime streaming service is the least worst for privacy

Most of them are nowadays owned by Sony XD. i like Crunchyroll because DRM extension isn´t mandatory. anyway, while you can use all the private stuff for login you still have to use your credit card to pay the monthly fee. IDK if they sell gift cards, if is the case in your country is the best option IMO

As @Chema said,

Sometimes you have to use services that are not the best with privacy but if you use, for example, a private email provider and a VPN to sign up, you are giving less identifiable information to the service. Therefore, making the service more private.

do I use Crunchyroll or Netflix

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The way I watch anime is through an app called cloudstream. Its free and I think private if you use a VPN.

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Thanks for your help everyone

Librewolf (Linux and Windows) or Mull (Android), and then use GoGoAnime. Any animes you like and want to support, do so.

Edit: To add, be sure to use a vpn. Added link to GGA as well.


how can I make my anime accounts privately without tracking and spyware and Gmail

  1. Compare the data collection and sharing policy in the Privacy Policy of each service you are interested in.
  2. Use an e-mail alias (SimpleLogin or AnonAddy) that redirect to a trusted e-mail provider that doesn’t spy on your e-mails (Proton, TutaNota,, and more)
  3. Do not use your real identity
  4. Do not register your phone number
  5. Pay with crypto (no KYC) if you found a service that offer the option. If not go with a virtual card ( or Revolut) or PaySafeCard if accepted
  6. Use a privacy browser like brave or install uBlock Origin on your browser.

You can also use a service such as Stremio (crossplateform) or CloudStream (android only) but this is up to the law of your country (you can use a VPN) and your personnal conscience.

Edit : Buy PaySafeCard with cash and do not make a PSC account


Should note that the site lists pirated material. It is covered with trackers, that aren’t even available on the real gogoanime. By going there, you’re supporting the pirate, who pirated the website, who originally pirated the anime.

Sure, piracy can be better for privacy, but it’s also illegal… if you’re going to get illegal copies, at the very least get decent quality rips (which Gogo does not list). Go to a more piracy oriented forum (or Wiki), and either ask there for the correct Gogo, or a site that lists better quality stuff.

There is an easy way to get around all the trackers and shadiness, there is a CLI application which scrapes publically accessible websites like Gogo anime for video feeds and will play them directly in MPV. As far as I know this is not illegal because it is streaming the content not downloading or sharing via a torrent (this might be illegal in your jurisdiction however).

Link to the GitHub:

If you’re looking for a way to watch anime on your phone and you use an Android device there is also this app called saikou. It has integration with MyAnimeList and also supports reading manga. (it scrapes publically accessible video links)

Link to the GitHub: