Thank you to Techlore and The New Oil

I just wanted to take the time to thank Techlore and The New Oil for keeping me updated on often overlooked topics. Considering many of these breaches and stories have very wealthy companies behind them, many times media companies are less likely to report them.

I have always said and continue to state that the surveillance report is a public service. Keeping people informed about privacy and security (and yes they are different) is invaluable.

The information provided each week in its very boiled down and easily digestible state for anyone, even those just starting there privacy journey is indispensable.

I can imagine you both put so much work in behind the scenes to get each episode ready and the hard work really shows through.


Thanks Dave! Yes, we both dedicate a ton of time to make it happen almost every week :slight_smile: Will send this along to Nate too!