Text To Speech (TTS) and grammarly alternatives

Hi guys, Just need some advise on what program to use for (TTS). As someone who struggles with dyslexia and ADHD i NEED a text to speech app haha. I currently use ‘speechify’ https://speechify.com/ however, it only works as a chrome extension and as a mobile app. i was wanting alternative app or extensions that is privacy based, easy assesses and affordable. And was also wondering if grammarly was good with privacy.
(preferably systems for Windows, Linux and IOS)

Thankyou for taking the time to read this :blush:

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For TTS, I am unsure, but, for Grammarly (Which IMHO is not Privacy Focused) an Open-Source Alternative is LanguageTool. For TTS, maybe Mimic 3 can help?

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Thankyou i will look into them now :slight_smile:


i’m using RHVoice RHVoice - a free and open source speech synthesize | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

I think that’s great! But do you know any as good for Windows?

The important thing for me with such apps, especially mobile, is that they do all their work on device and do not send anything to servers. Today’s phones, much less regular computers, should have more than enough power to do so.

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in this page Installation | RHVoice.org they mention how to install it on windows, but never use it outside android

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For TTS I believe many OSs have something like this built in, so see if you can find that. If not, I cannot help you unfortunately.