[TechXplore] Americans don't understand what companies can do with their personal data—and that's a problem

Helpful to see that the majority of folks in the US don’t actually like all of the tracking and privacy invasion that’s going on. If you ask them about it, that will tell you that they don’t like it. The resignation comes from the difficulty in regaining the privacy they expect to have due to walls raised artificially high in the name of business. We gotta draw the line somewhere when it comes to how far companies can go.

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He and his co-researchers suggest that policymakers “flip the script” and restrict the advertising-based business model to contextual advertising, where companies can target people based only on the environment in which they find customers. For example, if you visited a website about cars, automotive-related companies would be allowed to display advertisements to you, though without any data on your individual behavior on that website.

I think this is a really solid suggestion. I have no problem with seeing advertisements. Billboards and TV commercials are great examples of ways it can be done in a noninvasive way. Creating ads preemptively instead of retroactively would eliminate a lot of issues with the data collection. Of course, actually implementing this is an entirely different thing.


I know so many people who are like that, imagine a world, where people just kept there social media private😂