Techlore SPA Quiz

I thought it could be interesting to see how other people score on this quiz. Here is how I did.

Curious to see how you all score.

As a follow up is there anywhere you feel like you could be doing better? Anything in the quiz stand out as something you feel you should be doing? Or maybe you feel like you’re in the right place.

For me personally I am comfortable with where I am in my privacy and security journey. The only thing I would want to change at this point would be getting a second phone number to keep my main one private.


173 could improve in many areas that wouldn’t require huge changes in my routine.

Ouch. I got some homework to do. Some of these things I’ve been meaning to do and just have finally sat down to do it, but others I forgot were good ideas to look into that don’t go too far outside of my threat model.

Thanks for putting this on my radar, @belligerentbeaver!


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No problem. I would say for you if you’re feeling like you want to get that score up really try to get the stuff in the green category done first a lot of it is easy and is important stuff. I’d for sure work on that before the red.

Interesting to see how everyone is doing and where their focus is.

I got this

Deleting Social media for me is ??? I never had any Social Media accounts (FB, Twitter, Inst, youtube).
Perhaps Discord, but they only know my email address for gaming, but I count them more as insecure Messaging service for gaming.

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I think I ranked below average because of my use of social media. (Before I joined the Techlore Team I was/am a content creator in my personal life.)

I know Nate has probably done some stuff to my phone and computer (always with permission from me of course) so I wasn’t really sure on my answers when ti comes to the PC stuff.
I’m slowly working through a lot of things to make myself more private and I want to be more secure!!



For sure, that’s what I will look at first to see what are the easy things or just stuff that’s fallen off my radar.

I think it’s interesting that not everyone has the green circle closed before the yellow, which could be closed before the red. It shows how depending on the area we can be more willing to go further than in others depending on how important or how easy it is for us.

For example, I’m using Linux for my main PC but still use stock Android on a Pixel. I’ve grown more confident with desktops, but also while I’ve learned I had a backup computer in case I borked the one that would become the Linux system. Contrast that with my phone, of which I only have one and really don’t want to mess it up.

Just a neat observation.

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Ouch, a lot of the basic steps I’m currently working on. For example getting rid of windows I plan to dualboot Debian when I get home from vacation. The quiz itself is a great checklist for tracking you privacy progress.


I’m almost afraid to know the depths of the rabbit hole which I find myself in.

But it’s worth every hassle of my tradecraft to know that I am being strongly conscious of my data.


One thing I’d like to do is delete Google altogether, but I still keep an old account around for Google Voice only; I didn’t want to lose my old number when I switched to an anonymous prepaid plan. It’s unfortunate that there are no better alternatives, and Google Voice is the only platform I know of that allows porting with a one-time fee. All the texts to that number are forwarded to the Gmail account, which then forwards to an alias for my main email.

As for deleting social media, does this forum count as social media? :joy:


Doesn’t Google Voice support forwarding to another account as with Gmail? If so, just create a new Google account, lock it down, then setup a VOIP account and forward the old to the new account fairly securely this way.

Not sure exactly what you mean. Google Voice numbers can be ported out just like any other phone number. Some providers don’t charge any fee at all for porting in a number; others charge a one-time fee. I have never heard of a single service provider (VoIP or traditional) that charges a recurring fee just because you ported in a number.

Mines a bit good, but you guys rate it.

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Do you mean forwarding calls to another number? I believe that’s possible, but I’m not really interested in giving Google one of my anonymous VoIP numbers, and I don’t really need that feature. I rarely get calls to my Google Voice number; I just need it to receive a few texts sometimes.

I ported in my old cellular number to Google Voice when I canceled my old plan and switched to a new prepaid one. I wanted to port to Twilio or Telnyx, but that would have essentially added that number to my existing account, and I would have to pay $1/month for the ported number just like with my other numbers. Google Voice, on the other hand, charges a one-time fee for porting in the number, and then nothing after that, so forwarding the texts from the Gmail account has worked for me.

Firstly, congrats on the current high score!
I keep my old Google account around simply to stop anyone else from ever using that same email address, might be a good idea might not be.
As for this forum I would say it’s a privacy tool with a social aspect :sweat_smile:
So no not social media.

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Google doesn’t recycle old addresses, but this could possibly change in the future and create a security risk. Sometimes I worry because I had a lot of email addresses back in the day with Outlook and GMX, which do recycle email addresses. They were mostly used as disposable addresses for signing up for untrusted services.


I guess it’s just the paranoia setting in then that is making me hold onto it. If anything does get sent to it I’ve got it set up to forward. It has been quite a long time now since it has recieved something so maybe now is the time to let it go. I’ll mull on it for a bit longer though.

For those other email addresses I’d say if you had a bunch of them and those old accounts are closed it shouldn’t be too much of a risk if it all.

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