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You should probably rewrite your questions. It is currently hard to understand what you’re trying to ask.


Heiii team

I have an Oppo a16s serving as a hotspot to an iPhone with mullvad vpn,
since upgrading my Oppo to android v13 i have lost internet connection on my iPhone (16.4.1) when mullvad is on.

Can you guys help? If not do you have a guide on downgrading to android 12?

Much appreciated, thanks

Good one, I feel you. I’m about to switch from GrapheneOS to iOS

Can I please ask you how did you do that? I’m about to create a WhatsApp account because everyone where I live use it

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What do you find lacking in grapheneOS that you would like about iOS? iMessage? Airdrop?

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The problem is not GrapheneOS, grapheneOS is great, the problem is I went for the extreme and gave up A LOT of convenience.

I like iOS, I like iCloud, I like Apple Native apps and sometimes I just want stuffs to work.

With the release of advance data protection the majority of icloud can be end-to-end encrypted (although I don’t know what metadatas are not encrypted, if someone has a source it would be helpful :slight_smile: )

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How do you deal with the bad security state, desktop Linux is in by default (e.g. no sandboxing, no verified boot, no meaningful MAC policies, sudo fake prompts)?

Do you sandbox applications? If so, how?

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I receive so many spam calls and texts on my personal numbers that it’s getting scary. How are you dealing with your Phone Numbers situation? What is the best phone masking service? I know services like Hushed, MySudo, and Firefox Phone Masking exist. I heard SimpleLogin is also working on the Phone Number Masking service. What are your recommended methods/strategies?


how can i change the obnoxious ringtone on element matrix? theres an option but it never works. also do you know how can i share my desktop audio when sharing my screen?


what is your opinion of mastodon and where do you thing it is going?
What do you think about BlueSky?

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I have 2 questions.
1: Are there any serious privacy risks in using Chromium-based browser? Can Google somehow get my data if I use Brave, for example?

2: How to answer to the argument “I have nothing to hide”.