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Hey forum community :wave:

I’ll be going live soon on the Techlore channel for a Q&A. I made a post on our Patreon for patrons to ask any questions (which are the most prioritized.) But from there, I’ll be taking a look here in this thread before I look at the live chat.

Questions can be about:

  • A personal privacy/security question for your situation
  • A broad privacy/security question
  • Something about Techlore
  • Something about myself
  • Really anything as long as it’s appropriate

Thanks everyone for being active here and I’m looking forward to any questions you may have.


Your thoughts on the RESTRICT Act would be of interest:

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You might have answered this recently in a short or something, but I generally avoid those. I would like to know more about your (or anyone that joins you today) current day to day setup. I’m even fine with you just telling me where I can find that if it’s recent enough.

Actually one more quick question: What do you think about 2FAS? ( I’m not aware of you ever mentioning and I love the idea of the ease of use. I know you really stick with things that you know will be around, but still something I’d love to know.

Today is also my BDAY so these answers would REALLY make my day. Much love to you and the rest of your team.


You have often said that you use Brave as your primary browser, and one of the reasons is that it has good privacy settings out of the box. However, as a more technical user, I’m sure you could also easily harden Firefox, and as you have previously stated, the field of Firefox hardening is relatively straightforward these days compared to the past when you had to install multiple different extensions. Therefore, I’m curious about what made you ultimately choose Brave when it’s also generally known that you can make Firefox more private than Brave, and you would also be fighting against the Chromium monopoly.


Hello Henry!

I don’t know if it’s allowed to ask multiple questions so, if not, take whatever question you want to answer :

  • What are some of the current or upcoming trends or developments in the privacy and security field that you are excited or concerned about?

  • What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced or are facing in raising privacy and security awareness?


Why does everyone have privacy concerns with china and Not With The Western Countries


What are your favourite privacy related films (or TV shows)?

eg Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Conversation’ or Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Person of Interest’ to name just two

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Does running two VPNs at once have a positive impact on security? Not cryptographically but in terms of protecting against one vpn company being compromised/malicious

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Can I get a job at Techlore?


How do you combat the feeling of “not doing enough” when you go from something that is “objectively” more private to something more convenient? (i.e.: GrapheneOS to iOS or Linux to macOS?) Such as in cases where benefits of convenience outweigh a need for “more privacy”?


Thank you for the opportunity to submit possible questions for the Q&A. I have two questions if that isn’t being too greedy.

  1. As a fellow Tesla driver, do you have any updates on using a Tesla as privately as possible? I covered the internal cabin camera and disabled all the data sharing options in the vehicle software. Is there anything else I can do (without violating the warranty or breaking something)?

  2. Have you seen the TV series Mr Robot and what were your thoughts on the show overall?


What’s your favorite recent small privacy win? any big ones that still really inspire you?

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I am currently cleaning my digital footprint or at least reducing it. But I come across some services and apps which doesn’t provide any option to delete or deactivate account, for example Discovery+ app, Byjus’s app. Some of the apps and websites are already shutdown in which I created account or shared my personal data to them. What should I do for such services and apps? BTW I am from India. And I have already contacted customer care of all those apps and services but they constantly repeat that they do not have facility or option to delete account.

What is your best tip for a beginner?

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What is the best firewall app for android if iam not going to use a vpn?

How to convince people who really don’t care about privacy to switch to Signal at the time they see Whatsapp is the same thing and have more people🤦‍♂️?


I have given up convincing other people, I Just use element and bridge it with whatsapp. I really don’t know what will make people switch apps.

Do you foresee privacy browsers engaging in an arms race with Non privacy respecting websites in the future?

Do you anticipate uBlock Origin, as an add-on, in Firefox, entering into an arms race with Google/YouTube/other website’s in terms of ad-blocking and tracking blocking?

Edit: I needed to take some time to write, I need to slow down.

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