Talking about browsers, what do you guys think about Nyxt?

I was looking for some keyboard-based browsers and I found out about Nyxt which looked pretty promising (polished and everything) but since I am a noob about security and privacy I came here to ask if you know anything about this project.

Thank you in advance for your time and merry Christmas!!!

From what I read, it seems like an interesting idea, with a dedicated team. It’s engine agnostic, being able to run on WebKit, or WebEngine, so not the best around. I’d expect similar functionality/security to vanilla Safari. It also does not feature addon/extension support (in development), but has an Adblock based on Braves. Not sure how effective it is, though.

Overall It seems to be a very unique kind of browser. A browser for a certain kind of power user…. but not one built for privacy.

I doubt the browser’s security standards. They don’t seem to have a Security page for that matter.

do you guys know any “keyboard based” browser that has good security standards?

Just use brave or chromium.

There arent any.