Sync youtube subscriptions from linux desktop (FreeTube) to android (NewPipe)?

Hello, do you use a workflow to automatically sync FreeTube subscriptions with NewPipe (or alternative foss clients)? Maybe using Syncthing. My aim is to automatically sync subscriptions between android and linux without a youtube account. The problem is that NewPipe requires to manually import subs

I have thought about this before but I don’t know of any way to do it

I tried to find a solution as well (NewPipe and Invidious) and gave up. I use Invidious on desktop and PWA on mobile. Works fine for me.

An idea is to rely on an RSS client to do the syncing, and point your RSS client to open videos in your favorite respective apps.(Newpipe/Freetube) That’s the most seamless way I can think of doing this.

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Ironically enough I thought if this aswell, but are you able to make that work for the YouTube side of things?
As when I tried this, it would refresh the page of every try.

  • .XML
  • .RSS
  • /feed
  • /rss

And even if it works, there’s the desktop aspect where it will open the browser by default.
Maybe I might be missing something there but I dont think Linux or Windows for that matter have a default for opening YouTube links unlike android

If only there were an android client with invidious support/login, the problem would be solved. Using a sandboxed webapp to view invidious in android should be too uncomfortable for me

I think there is no seems-less way to do this right… only thing I do is export my subscriptions on cloud storage and import on mobile.

Invidious works for me in both Firefox and Vanadium, but I think it works with all chromium browsers. I personally use Firefox because full screen mode is a little annoying in Vanadium, where you have to manually change the orientation.