Switching to email Alias

I am about to switch my email accounts over to Simplelogin. One of the things that I am trying to get my head around is that if I replace my email addresses in certain platforms there will still be a link between my old email address and the email alias. In some cases I will just delete the account but in others where there is historical data that I would like to keep this will not be possible.

Has anyone else run into this issue and does anyone have any potential solutions that I can use. Sorry if this has been asked before but I am new to the community and did a quick search but didn’t see anything that spoke to this issue.

Thanks for your help!


For me, I didn’t worry about this too much and I think (someone correct me if I am wrong) there won’t be an easy way to get your old email off of their servers without asking. And sometimes, they probably won’t remove it. Something I would do if i was concerned about this is to use random emails from, for example, temp-mail.org or guerrillamail.com. I doubt this will do much, but I would do it just in case.

Also the best thing to do would be to try to export important data and maybe create a new account if you really need it.


My process varies. If it is an account I can delete and want to delete. I use brave, proton vpn and SimpleLogin anonymous email for the week. This is usually the week and a code like delete19.ge2yd@simple. Using KeePass I log in using Brave, saving my credentials in braves password manager. This is something I usually do not do.
I change the email address in the account. Check my email for verification. Log out and log back in. Verify in second log in the email has changed. Delete all non required profile fields. Go through and falsify all required fields. Log out, back in and verify changes.
Then delete the account. Attempt to log back in and then at the end of the week or waiting period i delete the email address.
Yes the account is still linked but hopefully the last profile data will all that would be leaked in a breach. You just don’t know how long an account history goes back.
Should you also create a new account with your old email and then delete it as well going through the same process above. Could be tiresome…

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