Switching from NordVPN to ProtonVPN

My nordvpn has expired and I want to use protonvpn now. I have proton unlimited. The problem is that my proton account is also the same one I use for protonmail. I shared my nordvpn with a few friends and I want to share my protonvpn with them too but I cant just give them the password that i use for my email. Is there a way I can let someone use my protonvpn premium without them being able to access my protonmail.

ps: I am aware that having my friends use protonvpn free is an option however I know that some of them will find the speeds too slow and just lie to me and say they are using a vpn when they arent so them having the speeds from protonvpn premium is important or they wont even use the vpn.

for the second option are you saying i should selfhost a vpn or is there a way to do that within protonvpn

I guess the big problem here is that you’re using Proton Mail also. Do you use all of the Unlimited features of Proton Mail? If you can get by with the free features of Proton Mail, then you can separate your accounts so that you have your own account for Mail and the shared account for premium VPN service.

For the record, I wouldn’t do this, but I also can’t think of a reason to not do this IF we’re talking about just sharing a VPN account.

Nordvpn sucks so I am glad that you see the light.
Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings I have had a horrible experience with NordVPN support.

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I do not recommend this for most people, for several reasons. But an option is to enable Proton Mail’s two-password mode, which will use a separate password for decrypting your calendar and mail. This second password is not required for ProtonVPN, but will be required to access everything else. This should fix your primary problem.

The better solution here IMO is to open a Proton Team account and designate things properly to your friends, but it’ll likely be a bit pricier.


i use it because my dad bought a 2 year plan a like 2 years ago and I always knew it was worse than proton but my threat model is random sites and minecraft servers not being able to see my ip address and nord does the job. I also would kind of feel a sunk cost if I stopped using nord before its up lol. I always was aware that proton was better for essentially everything but speeds though.

ill probably consider this as a last resort if I can tell my friend isnt using the protonvpn free.

edit: very last resort because my friend has made multiple bad cybersecurity choices such as:
dming me her credit card info(on discord too)

sending her password that she uses for everything since kindergarten in a random group chat and stopping me from trying to cover it up for her

getting doxed multiple times


i trust them to not abuse my password but i dont trust them to keep the password safe and secure

i might just enter the password for her via remote desktop so she wont know the password and therefore cant be careless with it however i do know about token logging and stuff.
would that be something to worry about on her computer or not really

I think you may be misunderstanding 2-password mode. Here’s what the login flow looks like with Proton Mail without 2P mode:

  • You enter your username & password to your Proton account (As you currently do)
  • You enter TOTP code if 2FA is enabled on your Proton account

Here’s what it looks like with 2P Mode:

  • You enter your username & password to your Proton account (As you currently do)
  • You enter TOTP code if 2FA is enabled on your Proton account
  • You will now be prompted for a SECOND password to decrypt your mailbox, which is a different password than your Proton password. This means that even if someone (like your friends) have your Proton creds, they still can’t decrypt your mailbox.

This second password is not required to log in to ProtonVPN, so they would never need to know this second password. I again still don’t recommend this, but it’s worth mentioning your friend will never get that second password.


If this is the main concern, just to hide the IP address, have you tried playing on servers with the free VPN option but using servers that are closer to you?

For example, I also play Minecraft and recently tried turning on a VPN while on a server to see how it would impact performance. I live in the US and kept the VPN server I was connected to to also be in the US. I knew that with the Minecraft server being who knows where that I didn’t want additional latency. For me it worked fine playing Wynncraft and a smaller server that I can’t remember.

The VPN by its very nature will give the Minecraft servers you visit a different IP than your own, so you don’t need to have an exaggerated difference to keep folks finding out where you live. Good OpSec, though.

Sidenote: If you’re playing on anarchy servers, I second the idea of using a VPN not just for the server but for anything you do in that community. You may even want to have a separate user account on your computer for this purpose. I first heard about Log4Shell from the anarchy community, before it was in the news. These guys don’t play, lol.

This was the reason that I didn’t renew (and upgrade) my subscription with Proton. I bought separate VPN (Mullvad), solve that problem and saved money at the end.

I like Proton as a company and I really appreciate what they’re doing. But this “feature” is designed to push people to buy another subscription. There is no other reason. I understand that it’s a business and they need to make money, but this is kind a too much for me. I don’t like these manipulative tactics.

Out of interest, why do you not normally recommend this

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Proton has a blog breaking this feature down and the usability reasons are why I would never just blindly recommend everyone enables 2PM, especially without understanding how it contributes to their privacy/security.

First, two passwords are more difficult to remember than one, and it contributes to users losing access to their accounts and mail. Second, it tends to confuse password managers, one of the best ways to organize and secure passwords. Third, it makes two-factor authentication (a best-practice method to securing online accounts) a very onerous process, as the user has to enter both passwords and a two-factor code to log in.

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Don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention this yet, but you should have your friend use ProtonVPN with an OpenVPN client. IIRC ProtonVPN supplies config files for OpenVPN that have separate passwords from the main client.

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maybe this could work for you.