Surveillance Report Rant - what can we do to support?

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is an appropriate post for here, I’ll take it down if not.

The rant at the end of the last SR really made me think about the current model of supporting creators. I subbed to the Patreon after hearing it. I loved hearing genuine opinions on the current model, and I’ve been listening to SR since episode 1, and watching Techlore from very early on.

My main question, which was briefly touched on, is as much as I like supporting creators there’s only so much someone can afford. Youtube Premium is a good way of supporting various creators. But what else can we do to support multiple creators that wont break the bank? I definitely couldnt afford to pay £10 a month for each creator I watch.

Interested in your thoughts!

Nice, I’ll have a look

I try to support through Monero every time I can. I think that is the best way as it provides privacy for both parties and the recipient gets the entire amount.

The only issue with Monero I can see is that there is no easy way to make reoccurring payments. There is however an interesting new project that attempts to tackle this issue called Monero Subscriptions Wallet.

Monero is a good option for supporting creators. The same problem occurs to me though - it’s really not affordable to donate to every creator I watch, I’d end up spending 50+ a month.