Suggestions for blocklists!

I wanna use blocklists for only preventing tracking and stopping ads not the service, For example i wanna use Snapchat but no tracking from the company, So could you suggest me some blocklists you are using?

P.s I am testing the power of the blocklists through this website

And iam getting my blocklists from a website called Filterlists

I use NextDNS and it shows 100% blocked, but I don’t see the whole NextDNS blocklist on the site that you use.

Unfortunately that can’t happen. You can’t block a sites trackers and use the site like it’s not tracking you. That’s a form of badness enumeration. You can’t know for sure which domain does track you. There are no "only " tracker domain, except all of them.


Adding on to what @sec76 said, a good comparison of this would be using YouTube (with an account), blocking the analytics domains, and assuming Google is no longer tracking you. Clearly, this is flawed thinking. If you want to use Snapchat, then go ahead, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that it can be made private.


I agree with what people said above. I also try to avoid an app with any type of tracking/data analytics altogether. For blocking of ads i try to use separate frontends apps like newpipe or brave browser . Try to minimize usage of closed source apps.
If you still have apps that are important to you and have trackers , i would recommend pcapdroid app with its firewall feature (firewall is a premium feature though) , which let you block domains/IP and Apps from having internet access. So you can block a bunch of domains inside the app itself to see which breaks the app and which doesn’t. No need to import a blocklist.
A screenshot of blocking feature in pcapdroid. I use this only for some apps like default oem apps and other banking apps.

What blocklists are you using?

P.s the site got a huge update so you can test yourself again

Personally I use Brave’s default adblocker and it works well for me.

Here is a link to a GitHub gist to further prove my point of my above posts.

TL;DR: Essentially what this script does is provided GA and other 3rd party tracking and proxies them as 1st party so ads can’t be blocked by adblockers without also blocking the first party content.

try this site. maybe it will be helpful. most of these lists are free while a few require payment.

if you download a blocklist, take a look at which private and government agencies are connected to traffic monitoring. it can be strange and maybe even scary.