[Stratechery] Rights, Laws, and Google

This is an article written as a reaction to the news about the dad who took a picture of his baby to show a doctor and was reported. The author, Ben Thompson, argues that we’re seeing an example of the quasi-government role tech companies are playing without the rights or oversight that our actual governments have. Besides the dilemma of scanning the dad’s photos and reporting him (I know that’s it’s own topic), you also have the consequence of Google deleting the dad’s Google account immediately and refusing to restore the account even after being shown proof of his innocence from the police department they sent the report to.

According to the Verge, “[the dad] ended up losing access to his emails, contacts, photos, and even his phone number, as he used Google Fi’s mobile service.” Thompson basically calls this obliterating someone’s digital life.

I highly recommend reading this article.

Ben Thompson is a smart and influential business analyst who writes about the tech industry. He’s interviewed the likes of Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerburg for his own site. These are not baby time, influencer hot takes. He’s a smart cookie and I recommend keeping his articles on your radar if you want to better understand the tech world.


Wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

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