Stick with my iPhone 13 Pro or switch to the Pixel 8?

Disclaimer: This is not to do with privacy or security. Merely just a decision I’m gripping with about tech.

I’ve had this iPhone for 2 years almost. Most of my family uses android though, even with Apple supporting RCS in 2024, the customizability and side loading on Android just seems better.

Why in particular the Pixel 8? It is basically the stock experience of Android. It gets updates first of Android. As well, I like the aesthetic of the pixel Android experience.

My issue is that it seems that the Pixel 8’s processor is less efficient than the one in my current phone in almost every way.

The battery life, according to testing, is worse than a phone 2 years older. As someone who already lives in an area with low signal and not able to use Wi-Fi as much. Battery is a huge deal for me.

I just don’t want to end up switching to the Pixel 8 and end up regretting it.

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If this is the case I would not purchase a Pixel 8 in your position. Samsung’s chips (both the Tensor SoC and the external modem in the Pixel) are often less efficient than Qualcomm’s chips, and the Samsung modem in the Pixel 8 series is particularly bad. It’s always been a weak point for Pixel phones especially when you don’t live downtown in a city with perfect coverage like many phone reviewers.


Should note that side loading is coming to iOS, officially. You wouldn’t need to use something like AltServer/AltStore, anymore.

That’s pretty much true for every Android device. Apple Silicon is great, Apple optimises their software really well, and most app developers prioritise and optimise around Apple hardware.

Again, due to optimisations, iOS will do better. Android needs to pack huge batteries into their devices, to even compete. Should note, though. If you debloat, and I mean DEBLOAT, ti where Android is bare bones, Android can last longer. I’d assume you wouldn’t be doing that, though.

Remember that you don’t need to buy brand new. Buy the model down (currently on sale), the A series, or consider refurbished/used. For reference the Pixel 6a is scheduled to get mainline updates for the next 2 generations, and security updates till 2026. If you want to test, this might be the way to go.

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Don’t buy things you don’t need (it’s bad for the environment)

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