Steam freezes in Fedora Linux while downloading a game

Hello everyone!

Today, I switched from Windows 11 to Fedora Linux. The process is very easy, it just works!

I downloaded my browser, VPN, etc… And then I installed Steam (as an RPM);

When downloading a game (specifically Hearts of Iron IV which is compatible with Linux Ubuntu but it should work with Fedora as well), the Steam UI just freezes alongside the entire system so I cannot go to my browser, quit Steam, moving my mouse, etc… The only way to get back to normal is to force the shutdown by pressing 10-15 seconds to the power button.

I deleted Steam RPM and install instead the Flatpak version of it but it still doesn’t work.

Can anyone help me? Is it Wayland or some other stuff that break it?

Here’s some links that may help me…


Well, I actually found the solution with this GitHub Issue Comment :

Tl:dr: Steam is downloading faster or extracting files after downloading faster than the page cache in RAM gets written onto disk. When the cache is full, Linux switches from non-blocking I/O to blocking I/O, which causes the system to freeze.

Solution: Steam could limit the download speed to file I/O rate and do a regular fsync or some sort of direct write/own caching procedure when downloading/updating apps.

So as a temporary solution, reducing my download speed manually in my Steam settings to 20-40 MB/s helped, also playing around with sysctl settings vm.dirty_*