Starlink user opinions

I would like to gather opinions about this service.
Is it good, bad, ugly, etc?
How is it for privacy?
Is it expensive or reasonably priced?

I also need reviews on this. Like whats the net cost and reliability?

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As far as I know, the web site advertises costs that are somewhere in the neighborhood of about 150 U.S. dollars per month but I’m not entirely certain if these prices will increase or decrease.

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Not a Starlink user myself and I understand you would prefer having an answer from a user so I apologize if my answer is not exactly what you are looking for but I think here are some links which may bring some information to the topic :

Thanks for sharing. I’m wondering how Starlink would work for international subscribers.
I’ll take a look at the links you provided. :grinning:

We have just added it at home, we live quite rurally and have always had embarrasingly slow speeds (16 down, 3 up) at best.
Stralink is £75 pm in the uk, £85 if you have the roaming version. Its a rolling contract so can be paused and restarted as required.
We now have speeds above 100 and it has been reliable for us so far.
The bad, the router is rubbish. Especially in an old stone house like ours, so i have added a mesh system to evenly spread it around the house, its also allowed me to add a guest network, and an iot network also which the starlionk router does not

how does it compare with other ISP plans in your region?

If i convert that into my currency without any tricks, its seems quite costly.

it is for sure more expensive than alternatives, but i simply can not get close to the speeds they “guarentee”, ever. So its a fraction more expensive, but i actually get real world modern day speeds now, so it IS worth it for me

Does Starlink allow connectivity with third party routers running open source firmware?
Forgive my ignorance but I’m not familiar with mesh systems. Got any time for a brief explanation or perhaps a link? I’m wanting to know how your system is set up. It sounds really interesting.

So when you create an account and buy the hardware, you get access to the store whioch has accessories in. There is an ethernet adaptor which alows you use your own router. I am guessing you could use any you like and get all the functionality they provide? My mesh system is essentially a new router with a further node (slave router i guess) that spreads the wifi around the property. Starlink sells extra nodes but as the range is poorer to begin with we upgraded to a new brand. It works really really well and as i said earlier allowed me to have a guest network and an iot network, which starlinks router did not offer.

This gentleman can be a little annoying but he explains what to look for quite simply for max speeds and security

Funny this video just came out: