Spoofing phone numbers?

lets say i want to iog in to a website. or make an order, but i require to provide a phone number.

or lets say i want/need to set up a 2fa but i don’t want to give away my actual number?

any good way for creating spoof numbers?

This is a problem most of us have faced before. I don’t know of ways to spoof your phone number, but some cheap (maybe even freee) e Sim provides exist.
You also should consider the following: If they require" a phone number, how privacy respecting are they?

This reply doesn’t help You as much as Iwould want, burt maybe at least a bit

Well i found those three apps spocken of in this link

spoofcard, SpoofTel, Spoof my Phone.

the thing is: i don’t know anything about there rep how trustworthy they may be. so if anybody here know anything about those. i would be happy to know.