Spoofing phone numbers?

lets say i want to iog in to a website. or make an order, but i require to provide a phone number.

or lets say i want/need to set up a 2fa but i don’t want to give away my actual number?

any good way for creating spoof numbers?

This is a problem most of us have faced before. I don’t know of ways to spoof your phone number, but some cheap (maybe even freee) e Sim provides exist.
You also should consider the following: If they require" a phone number, how privacy respecting are they?

This reply doesn’t help You as much as Iwould want, burt maybe at least a bit

Well i found those three apps spocken of in this link

spoofcard, SpoofTel, Spoof my Phone.

the thing is: i don’t know anything about there rep how trustworthy they may be. so if anybody here know anything about those. i would be happy to know.

There are a few ways to go about doing this - most of which you need to pay for (consider your threat model when deciding):

1. Firefox Relay - https://relay.firefox.com/ - originally designed for email aliasing like SimpleLogin, they’ve added the ability for you to pay for a phone number mask

2. VOIP Number - Voice Over IP is great because there are services that don’t require you to provide your real phone number to sign up (that’s a downside with Firefox relay as it is forwarding texts/calls to your real number) - for this reason, I recommend MySudo - https://mysudo.com/.

3. Dedicated 2nd Phone Number (Dual SIM with physical SIM or eSIM) - Most websites today are smarter and will be able to flag a VOIP number, preventing you from signing up for 2FA using it - for these I have not read about a viable alternative to getting a dedicated second number in the form of an eSIM if your phone supports dual or multi-SIM. This works completely like your regular number, because it is it’s OWN number. This is a more expensive route (but there’s a big range, I’ll provide options below), but will allow you to do everything you normally would with your personal number. 2FA? give out this number. Have a business? use this as your dedicated number. Here are some options to consider:

  • Add a line with your current carrier to take advantage of bundle pricing - this is not the recommended route for the privacy-minded, but is an option

  • Go with a prepaid plan via a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) such as Mint Mobile (https://www.mintmobile.com/), US Mobile (https://www.usmobile.com/), or Visible (https://www.visible.com/) - this is by no means an exhaustive list, but a few common ones with the ability to signup online OR purchase SIM cards in the store @henry made a video about how to do this last year (How To Obtain a PRIVATE Phone! - YouTube)

Perhaps this is more info that you were looking for, but I hope you find this helpful! It’s always a challenge to find more private-friendly alternatives that minimize the loss to convenience.



Great suggestions which I recommend trying out multiple options to understand, the permissions, the requirements, duration, Etc.

Some people can use google voice, the security is considered good.

My contract number through Verizon, was used a lot. My intention is to remove that number from every account.

My phone Pixel4XL is a dual SIM, the second SIM is a Mint Mobile eSIM. The eSIM I plan to change frequently, being frugal if they give me 3 months free I will take it. I mention the time line because updating the accounts where this number is used needs to be considered. Never had a problem using this service.

IronVest formerly Blur provides one masked phone number, and they charge $7 to change it. I plan to treat this number like an eSIM 3 to 9 months use. Never had a problem using this service.

MySudo, and TextNow, both have been used with success and failures. These I would use for short term, to one time use.

Thanks for the asist. Saidly my sudo is a no go sense its for U.S only is firefoxx,relay is an good for 2fa verification?

It is also available for UK users and Canadian users.

Its been years since I have used MySudo. Plan on giving it a try.

PayPal is giving me a hard time, used Mint Mobile eSIM to create an account but when using Aegis Authenticator and a VPN my mobile carrier can not be verified so it ask to verify with a Text or Phone. When I use the number which I created the account, PayPal says that number can not be used.

If you can set up 2FA authenticator using any burner number on PayPal you have a solid choice.

Testing MySudo unable to contact server/ MySudo internet connection errors on CalyxOS, Android 13, Using ProtonVPN with a USA server.

  1. Went to “Settings” » “Apps” or “Manage Apps” tab.
  2. Clicked MySudo » “Force Stop”.
  3. Went to “Storage” » “Clear Data”.
  4. MySudo » “Mobile Data” » “Allow Background Data Usage”.
  5. Relaunch MySudo on android.

Repeated Process with RethinkVPN then tried again with ProtonVPN in Netherlands.

Each time I cleared data, User Data was deleted.

Is this success? Using a straight up google phone, uninstalled MySudo, then went to the play store, installed MySudo. Is this because I have a gift card on that account?
Without doing any set up, I exported the account to my Pixel4XL Android 13, CalyxOS. Before I go further, plan to delete the new account from the google phone.
Any suggestions?
Trying to add a phone number to the account requires Google Play which I do not have on the Pixel. I think this is where the failure has come from. Going back to the Googled Phone, locking everything down with NetGuard connecting to the Pixel Hotspot connected to ProtonVPN in the Netherlands using the ProtonVPN stealth protocol, MySudo will not display the plans to purchase a phone number with out Google Play.
Perhaps there was a mistake on my part, I installed MySudo using a different Gmail then I intened. Uninstalled and swapped accounts installed and purchased one Month to get one number. Set up an American phone number.
Exported MySudo to the Pixel phone. Sent my first message with MySudo to my Mint Mobile eSIM which expires next Month.
Now to test where can I use this MySudo number. Can I use it at PayPal, or a Google account, Telegram, Signal. Where else should I try?
Google and PayPal excepted the MySudo number for account verification. Need to test PayPal 2FA having trouble logging on verification which failed for me using eSIM from mint mobile.

What happens when the delivery driver tries phoning you about your order for directions to your door?

My current home address does not match up with google maps. I leave notes to use the address which does show up on google maps. In the last 10 years and the last 6 addresses, one driver called because this was a tailgate load which required a forklift to unload. Other than that, have not had another call.
See your point but it just has not been considered.
I retract a Walmart delivery was made one night after 9PM, from on online delivery which had one item, toilet bowl cleaner, which came from the local store. A knock and a package was left at the front door which we don’t use. Going to the door my phone rang and a text was sent to my non contract number. It was the guy calling as he drove off and the picture was the cleaner at the door.
I can live with a little headache for more privacy. I have had more wrong or broken items than phone calls.

It’s “an” option if you do not mind giving your real number to Firefox and are willing to pay for it. Just to clarify for others, MySudo is for the US, Canada, and UK - but I’m assuming you are not in any of those countries. Here are some other VOIP options (make sure to read the privacy policy):

  1. Sideline - https://www.sideline.com/
  2. Google Voice (it’s a free option that works but it pains me to recommend anything Google)
  3. Links to Voice Alternatives - https://alternativeto.net/software/google-voice/

i don’t mind pay for it. in fact i prefer it (as the old saying goes if you are not paying for the product. then you are the product.)

as for giving them my number. wont any spoofing server will need to know my number anyhow?

One thing i do have an issue i looked it firefoxx relay up and i could not find anything about a number. were have you find out they give a spoofing number service?

Update:well seems like spoifing only available in U.S,canada goah im sick.of this BS

Would say that these spoofing services need “a” number. MySudo needs a Google account, using android. I do not think a website only MySudo exist. I keep saying these facts so someone can prove me wrong :wink: MySudo does not need a mobil phone number.
The number I use for my Google account(s) “recovery” is a MySudo phone number. It was an IronVest masked phone number once.

Moving all my accounts away from IronVest to other phone numbers as I change the passwords. Then i plan to spen $7 and get a phone number change for IronVest. Hopefully in 6 months all accounts which use IronVest will be changed. After getting a new number I will start using the new number from IronVest for about a year. Rough timeline.