SPN and Portmaster

I have purchased the SPN and have tried it for a few days and it has been pretty useful. I have it so it doesn’t route through the SPN if I am going to a site that is problematic with VPN like my bank and school domains. If you need speed over privacy in some of your workloads like gaming or syncing files it is simple to change the routing algorithm for that specific app as well. Some of the problems I am having are already documented by safing and I hope they can be resolved before alpha ends. Maybe we can make a list of apps/ domains that still work without needing internet access because this SPN thing is very well when bundled with Portmaster and can further lock down our systems.


I wouldn’t mind having one of those cupons… Althaought In sure they will alreday be given away. I use Portmaster and Surfshark VPN, but would love to give SPN a good try.

I am not affiliated with Techlore or Safing, so I do not have any coupons ti give. You can pay for the Postmaster with Monero and it isn’t that expensive if you just want to try it out.