Spam text messages

I’ve been getting a lot of spam messages on my phone lately. I always mark the sender as spam but it clearly does nothing. I’m wondering if there are better/more effective ways to report spam from my android phone. I’m Canadian by the way. I’m not sure if you guys have created a video about this yet but I would be interested in seeing one.

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Welcome, and thanks for posting this question As I would like to hear other responses. I hate notifications to the point my default notification is silent. I use custom notifications.

I use several email services and posting your email server may help get some better suggestions.

I maintain access to 4 or 5 gmail accounts and the spam filter and search works well to find those opt out remove account options. I would invest a little time to save an email if you must. I keep those accounts to lock anyone else from using them as well as monitoring any new traffic.

Sorry to make this next suggestion as it may side track you. Get a new email address. Get a nice ProtonMail account and dont send anyone the email address. Get an SimpleLogin account to have up to 12 alias email accounts and rotate them in and opt of use.
Have one email ready just to delete.
Move all you existing uses of this one email over to these temporary emails and then over time change your temp email address to a new address and delete the old email.

I think that @skidmark was reffering to spam text messages.

It is actually now 15 aliases (I just hit the limit a couple days ago :sweat_smile:)

Oh yeah, I totally meant spam text messages. I rarely get any email spam and I use a email address to avoid trackers.

I have the same problem of getting spam SMS on iOS, the companies I keep getting it from have no number and blocking them does nothing.
I mentioned this to Apple in their feedback form.

Yeah your screwed on SMS, you through me off on marking spam. Block and Delete seems the only option.
I use dual SIM and I have a couple masked numbers. So at a minimum I have three numbers.
Once again, I assign ea. contact a custom notification and my default notification is silent. The masked numbers get one spam text and i get a new number…
I use Mint Mobile for one SIM and I get text messages for Perry, well my new alias w/ that number is Perry… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My main contract number is with Verizon and I plan on getting a new number after the first of the year. This new number i plan to safe guard as well Block and Delete all spam.

@skidmark The only way I found to help is to change my mobile number. Lock that new number down and never use it. Download and purchase mysudo unlimited plan and compartmentalize my life with it. One mysudo number I use for friends and family, another for banks and doctors, another for shopping, some burners and so on.

Just speaking from experience, a new number is not always a guarantee to improve the situation. Cell carriers cycle through old numbers, and so you’re still gambling when you get a new number.

I made the mistake of getting a new number in the hopes of getting a ‘fresh start’ only to discover that it actually received more spam than my old one (Thanks Kristen!!)

So it seems to be a gamble here. On iOS, Apple allows you to silences all messages that aren’t from your contacts, which is probably the best current solution to this until there’s some kind of better way to deal with this problem.

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My mom got a cricket pre paid phone for an area outside of the service of her contract service. She had a number that just had a million spam text and spam phone calls. She just got another number later on.

My current number is only spammed by someone@gmail to, not bad. An option is to keep the number and convince the world I do not have that number anymore. If I was to falsify any PII out there it would be current phone number.

I’m not sure if this is available in Canada but I’ve been using an app called RoboKiller. It does a pretty good job of detecting spam messages and sending them to junk. Silencing messages and phone calls that are not in my contacts is just not an option for me. RoboKiller has been a pretty good middle ground for both SMS and phone calls. It’s a paid service so just keep that in mind.