Some Upcoming Phones I Need To Review, Ask Questions Below!

  • FairPhone (w/ iode)
  • SimplePhone
  • Punkt
  • PinePhone
  • PinePhone Pro

Before I begin reviewing these phones, does anyone have questions about any of them? This may help me form the reviews to get a better idea of what questions you all may have about each device.

I won’t be answering them here, but the questions are useful in how the reviews are developed!

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Do any of them have a headphone jack?


Do any of them have hardware switches for mic or camera?


What are the logistics of actually getting one of these repaired? Like if the battery or screen needs to be replaced.
Admittedly I don’t know much of anything about smartphone repair but I’d assume most repair shops won’t have the parts for what will likely be pretty niche phones.


I may be stating the obvious, but what is the battery life on each phone?

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Which if any are ready to give to your grand parents as a daily driver?

How would they work out as a desktop replacement?

How would they work in a supportive role for someone who prefers to use a desktop or laptop.

A comparison to mainstream phones better than what? but not as good as this older flagship examples.

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Can Pinephones also run Android Apps?

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Personally, I’ve found most Android phones will work as a daily driver. They just need a launcher that’s easy to read/navigate. I’ve found that the BaldPhone launcher works wonders.

As for some questions.

  1. Who is the device’s manufacturer, and do they have a good track record of privacy and security?
  2. Can we expect long software support, in a timely manner?
  3. Does the device ping servers not run by the manufacturer? If so, which ones?
  4. Which ones have the best battery life?
  5. What’s the build quality like, and how user-repairable is it?
  6. If it is user-repairable, how much would a repair cost (eg: the battery)?
  7. Could I carry a spare battery with me, to easily swap on the road? To word it differently, how tool-less is it?
  8. How easy is it to flash a custom ROM? Do custom ROM makers like Calyx, offer good support for the device(s).

For the Fairphone, the phone is designed to be easily repaired by the consumer (you), and you can buy spare parts from their website: Spare parts for your Fairphone, discover them here