Some ideas to reduce your info in Google/Microsoft account

Here’s some ways to reduce your information in your Google/Microsoft account which can be used to build a profile on you:

  1. Use a fake name (should I use “Anonymous” or “dafasdfsa” for my name in Google)?
  2. Set your location to Switzerland (or any GDPR country)
  3. Fake your bday so the account things you’re a teenager. Every year, change your bday so the account thinks you’re a teen. Apparently Google can’t use profile data for advertising for kids.

Do any of these strategies work, are they effective?

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  1. Set your location to Switzerland (or any GDPR country)

Small correction: The GDPR does not apply in Switzerland as it is not a member of the European Union and the GDPR is an EU regulation. The Swiss have their own strong data protection laws, though.

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I would use a real looking name. There are websites which you can use to generate fake names.

Yeah I’m not a real big fan of Honey Pot bait. Like flies on ****, it draws a stench… but with that said to me the best way to decrease Google Microsoft telemetry is to behaviorally modify instances were one’s use-case scenarios will mitigate any exposure…

Secondly giving the Rising Tide of privacy … it’s getting to where there are just certain segments of the human population that are frankly subdued brainwashed and cowed into submission through their own lack of independent thinking and lack of free will thinking on thier awareness of tech bait options…and I’d rather just let them live in their own prison and not particularly participate in it with them while they blindly stay in their solitary confinement world called Google Microsoft prison…

What I mean by that is I will simply not correspond with them on any product of that nature… if that means for going if financial relationship whoopie doo… id rather rot in hell on earth in private… then be cowed and exlempified of in non-private