Some google app alternatives on fdroid

Google apps alternatives that are all on fdroid, more are wanted… plz…

Google Services
YouTube → Newpipe, LibreTube
YouTube Music → ViMusic, NewPipe
Play Store → Aurora store, Neo-Store (FOSS only), FDroid
Gmail → Fairmail (Gmail compatible), K-9 Mail
GBoard/other keyboard → Floris keyboard, OpenBoard
Google Authenticator → Aegis, andOTP, Authenticator Pro
Chrome → Bromite (Chromium), Mull (Gecko), Firefox Focus, Brave
Google Podcasts → Escapepod, Antennapod
Google News → Read You, Nunti, Feeder
Google Translate → DeepL
Google Tasks →
Google Photos → PhotoPrism, Aves, Floral, Photo
Google Duo → Jitsi Meet, Signal
Google Docs/Sheets → LibreOffice Viewer
Google Fit → Workout Time!, Feeel
Google Audiobooks → Voice Audiobook Player
Google Assistant → Dicio

Stock apps
Files → Material Files, Amaze
Calculator → OpenCalc
Messenger → Signal, QKSMS
Contacts → Simple Contacts
Gallery → Simple Gallery
Videos → VLC, MPV
Music → Metro, Musify, Vinyl
Clock → Simple Clock
Bookmark sync → xBrowserSync
File sync → Syncthing, Wormhole William, Nextcloud
Find My Device → FindMyDevice
Launcher → Lawnchair, poseidon, OLauncher + Many more on F-Droid
Phone: Koler, Simple Dialer

Contributors: SuperSillySam, Joshua, Blurb5778, flufficat, ProudPenguin2479, adijha91, Dmitry Yazov


@SuperSillySam Thanks for the ViMusic recommendation. I have found andOTP to also be a useful alternative to Authenticator. I like that it allows you to password protect your MFA codes, that you can export the secretes for backup purposes, and set a timeout so the app locks if unattended :smiley:.


Instead of Google Authenticator, use Aegis Authenticator.
Instead of Chrome, use Bromite (Chromium) or Mull (Gecko).
Instead of Google Podcasts, use Escapepod.
Instead of Files, use Material Files.
Instead of Calculator, use OpenCalc.
Instead of Messenger, use Signal or QKSMS.
Instead of Contacts, use Simple Contacts.
Instead of Gallery, use Simple Gallery.
Instead of Videos, use VLC.

Honorable Mentions, not Google related:
Geometric Weather. for weather.
Infinity, for Reddit.
LibreReader, for PDFs.
Transistor, for Radio.
Vigilante, for privacy notifications.
Waistline, for diet/nutrition tracking.
Xtra, for Twitch.
Yet Another Call Blocker, for call blocking.


Here’s a couple of swaps I made, I have been de-googled for a while and am constantly looking for the best apps to use on f-droid and switching what I use. These are what I have found, that haven’t been mentioned yet, to be best for features, usability and UI:

  • Phone → Koler
  • YouTube → NewPipe/LibreTube
  • Music → Metro/Musify/Music
  • Google News → Read You/Nunti
  • Google Keep → Standard Notes/Simplenote
  • Google Maps → Organic maps/OsmAnd+
  • Google Podcasts → AntennaPod
  • Google Translate → DeepL
  • Clock → Simple Clock
  • Bookmark sync → xBrowserSync
  • File sync → Syncthing/Wormhole William/Nextcloud
  • Find My Device → FindMyDevice
  • Google Tasks →
  • Google Photos → Aves/Floral
  • Google Duo → Jitsi Meet
  • Google Docs/Sheets → LibreOffice Viewer
  • Google Fit → Workout Time!/ Feeel
  • Google Audiobooks → Voice Audiobook Player
  • Google assistant → Dicio
  • Google Play Services → MicroG

Honorable mentions that aren’t Google:

  • Launcher → There are so many on F-doid just search launcher
  • Comic viewer → Tachiyomi
  • F-droid → Droid-ify
  • Work profile → Shelter

Instead of Google podcasts, antennapod is an awesome option


Is youtube vanced safe

Not really, as it is no longer supported.
Simply talking about security, not usability or anything like that,
Also Vanced is not degoogled.


contact and calendar sync > Davx5 and nextcloud
wallpaper manager > Muzey
camera > open camera
Notes > nextcloud notes
Running > runner up
TTS Engine> RHVoice
QR code> Obsqr


Awesome Privacy list on Github.


How to back up rss feeds sites in ReadYou?

Please don’t recommend this. It sends your data back to google. What does it matter if it’s FOSS? Recommend Sandboxed Google Play instead.

I removed the Google Play Services point because you can’t really replace it unless you use root or a custom ROM. Also sandboxed Play Services are only on GrapheneOS.

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MicroG is still better than GMS that comes on most android’s but

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Another list GitHub - Psyhackological/AAA: Awesome Android Apps - get the Android you deserve.

I’ve been using openboard for a long time now but was thinking about switching back to gboard because of the swipe typing feature. I have internet access disabled for gboard in the android settings so it sould prevent google from receiving any data right? If I’m not missing something I could use gboard more privately this way, tho it still feels weird using any google app :sweat_smile:

Update: Apparently Vanced no longer works. Use invidious (can be installed as a PWA) if you need cross-device synchronization.
Otherwise New Pipe (+ Sponsorblock) on your phone.

What OS do you use? It will prevent it from sending anything to Google if you don’t have GGASPS in the profile with G board.
If you have privileged/with internet access GAPPS (Or Microg) on your device, I would assume that some date is cast to Google.

Thx for answering. I got the current OxygenOS on my OnePlus 7, so no custom ROM

can I do this in AOSP? I don’t have a pixel to use Graphene :confused:

If you don’t have GrapheneOS or a custom rom that adds support for Sandboxed Play services, you can’t do anything other than to use MicroG or Privileged Play services. It’s still better not to choose MicroG over Privileged Play services since MicroG is essentially an open source Play services, the privacy benifits it provides are minimal at best, while giving out a lot of security and compatibility issues.