(SOLVED) How can I use my SimpleLogin alias with Discord?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask, but I want to know if anybody has a solution for this.

I stumbled upon SimpleLogin through Henry’s video on it, and I began going through all my accounts, switching them to use SimpleLogin aliases. But when I went to change my email on my Discord account, I got an “invalid email” error. I tried using my other aliases, but no luck.

Has anybody figured out how to use a SimpleLogin alias with Discord? Is Discord blocking all SimpleLogin addresses?

EDIT: Nevermind… For anybody having this issue as well, when creating an alias, use a different alias domain instead of the default “@simplelogin.com”.

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This sometimes happens with websites, looks like you’ve got it figured out already, but just remember that you do need to switch the domain sometimes :+1:

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It could help, but some companies are unfortunatelly blocking SimpleLogin completely (probably based on MX records?).

Apple didn’t let me use a custom domain alias from a subdomain that is connected to AnonAddy. Either they didn’t like that it was a subdomain or they scanned the MX records … But I had no problems with any other sites and AnonAddy/SimpleLogin so far.