Software you'd recommend

What is a piece of software you didn’t know about, but is now integral to your workflow/convenience?

For me, I discovered Ente recently for my photos and its made my life so much easier.

  • Syncthing
  • Pihole
  • Webapps
  • NextDNS
  • Freedombox (on a raspberryPi) where I self-host
    • Wireguard
    • TT-RSS as feedreader for almost 60 news sources
  • VeraCrypt (for exncrypting backup drives). Discovered via techlore

Vaultwarden (Unofficial Bitwarden Server written in rust)
Adguard Home (Better features than pi-hole)
Mullvad VPN or IVPN (You can self-host your own vpn at home using,
Filen or Nextcloud (Filen is a Alternative uses Higher encryption than, Which uses AES-256 instead of AES-128.)
DD-WRT (Open-Source Linux Router Firmware) or Apple Photos (Enable Advanced Data Protection) (Only Open-Source End-to-End Encrypted Photos App) or Cryptomator


For any macOS folks, Swish has become integral to my workflow. I reluctantly bought a Magic Mouse just to be able to use it when I have my MacBook docked 🫨


Fellow Filen user. I do like it, have been using it for a couple of years now, but I’ve never seen a product with such slow development. It makes me question its longevity.


Join their discord server: Filen

They do push updates what the fuck you talking about?, they released their blog post here:

Lmao whats with the attitude. Yeah sure they do commits, but releases are very rare.

and still no public audit

They done audit, they just haven’t posted yet

Exactly, so its useless.

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This really isn’t the community for this attitude. We’re looking for productive discussions here, and your comment is just as productive without needing to insult other members. Rule 1


duuuuude you just put me onto it >:D thanks!

I’m confused, "All i said was “fuck”?

hah, happy to share! and welcome to the forum :wave:

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Which doesn’t add anything else to the whole topic started by OP. Just derails everything into spats and people getting defensive, like he did and then you.

AAAAAAnyway. Don’t want to contribute to that any further so here is my little +1:

Found about Sosumi(on Linux), which helps a ton with MacOS VMs, usually a pain to deal with. Just a couple snap commands.

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oh thats cool, why would you want to use a macOS VM though, if I may ask?

I need to use some UX tools from time to time, and Linux has almost none

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Cloudron. It has made self-hosting applications so much easier. Deploying a new app onto my server is as simple as one click.

Second to that would be Proxmox which allows me to run multiple virtual machines in one computer.

  • NextDNS
  • Mullvad Browser
  • Gnome Secrets