So...Why A Forum?!

This Forum is going to be super cool!!


Great Idea! Forums are much more my speed. Looking forward to particpating


Awesome! I’ve been active on the Discord so I can’t wait to see what is in store for this!


I gotta say this is the most polished forum I’ve ever seen, and I think it’s super cool you guys are doing this. I will probably be using this quite often!


Love the content, and you have a large following so the more ways to interact the better. Looking forward to participating in this forum.


Oooh hosting on Hetzner’s Virginia/US location, very respectable.


Awesome idea. I have learned so much from Henry and Techlore!


Great idea, hopefully this becomes a long time forum for years to come!


Forums are indeed great in many ways! Organized threads that are easier to moderate. More control over notifications. Building up momentum and a knowledge base, rather than continuesly rebuilding. Indexed by search engines. And many more benefits.


Ive never been part of a community on a forum before. But seeing this, I was excited to create an account and try to get involved! There arent many people I know in real life that are passionate about online privacy in the same way I have become since discovering this community. Techlore has been an incvredible resource in the first year of learning. So I just wanted to set up my account, say hi and mainly, to say thank you!


This exact article is in fact some of the inspiration we had in making this forum :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’ll keep an eye here!


This makes a lot of sense, good idea, I will surely post and browse periodically.

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Happy to see you guys still supporting a FOSS project in the form of Discourse for the forum software! Also cool to see it separated from the obvious option which would have been Reddit. Many positives for this decision!


This is such a wonderful step forward.

Whenever I checked in with the waterfall that was Techlore Matrix I always wondered how much good information I was missing. Thank you.


I think this is better…

Mine uses Teams…its OK but mostly poop but I dont like MS anyways.

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Hey @Henry ,

The temporaneous nature of “Chat” systems or even Twatter like microblogging platforms is a far cry from the searchable, indexed, and threaded nature of even the most rudimentary forum based community.

Two letters for you - LQ.

It’s been around for a very long time, and to this day a quick search for some unique or errant problem will turn up a link to a peculiarity that solves your issue. You can’t have that in an IM ecosphere.

Not only that, but the input from the entire community is there as well offering why’s, or processes in troubleshooting, and of course, the occasional curmudgeon bully.

I fully understand and appreciate your methodical approach as to why you arrived at the decision to migrate from Matrix, and as much as I loathe shitcord, I think your decision was well reasoned there as well - your target is primarily the n00b, and yes, existing matrix users are pretty much 95% of the way towards their privacy destination.

I would like to hear a bit on the selection of Discourse over that of Flarem, Forem, or NodeBb; the decision making process you and @Jonah laid out for yourselves in arriving at your determination to settle on any one of those particular engines :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions.




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